VR Training Solutions

Virtual reality is a simulated 3D or 360° environment that creates an immersive experience. Using a phone or goggles, VR training transports learners into an immersive digital environment of sight, sound, and touch. It provides the ability to simulate real-world scenarios, visualize abstract and complex concepts, and practice in a safe environment.

Our VR training solutions combine the best technology with the best learning design, enabling your people to learn, practice, and go anywhere from anywhere. Our solutions optimize the development of VR and add logistical benefits to learning delivery, saving you money.

And VR isn’t just for big companies. Smaller teams can implement cost-effective and highly engaging, visual VR training. Ask us how.

Strategy, Design, and Application for Engaging VR Training

More than a platform. More than a technology. VR is all about the design.

We work with our partners on the right applications of VR, with the latest learning theory mapped to their goals to create immersive and enhanced learning experiences and on-the-job support.

VR can be used to effectively:

  • Enable learners to practice virtually for a wide range of applications.
  • Deliver learning in new and expanding ways.
  • Reduce training time and costs.


Learn with endless possibilities and go anywhere, from anywhere.

Using VR, experts can walk learners through complex concepts, processes, sales and customer service best practices, and more.


Explore and visualize abstract and complex concepts, processes, and procedures.

Access spaces previously inaccessible.


Reinforce learning by practicing real-world applications with on-the-job scenarios, exercises, and case studies.

Collaborate and Coach

Bring experts to your people wherever they are to demonstrate, collaborate, coach, or evaluate in a simulated space.

Partner for the Expertise of a Global Learning Leader

We have thousands of learning professionals working with 30% of the global 500. We’ve trained millions of people and we bring that expertise to you.

We’ve used VR training for a range of needs:

  • Medical device illustrations
  • Warehouse and production support
  • Technical instruction and proper procedure
  • Empathy-based learning
  • Gamification
  • Real-world simulation

Partner with GP Strategies to bring expert VR training experiences to you.

Beyond VR: Bringing Digital to Your Environment

Work and learn in the world around you with the right mix of strategies and technologies to enhance on-the-job learning experiences.

Augmented and Mixed Reality

Access and interact with content over your physical space. With augmented reality, your people can learn through their preferred device at the point of need.

Blend physical and digital worlds with holographic content. Mixed reality gives your people the tools to interact with the real world in unending ways, from live holographic customer support and coaching to practicing and documenting.

How we’re using AR and MR:

Team Building

Access content for scavenger hunts, explorations, and cohort learning.

Reinforce Knowledge

Practice conversations with customers. Explore product features, pricing, and other knowledge.

Real-Time Assistance

Pull up equipment information, virtual coaches or experts, videos, and job aids to learn or troubleshoot parts, procedures, and situations.

Hands-Free Work

Contextualize step-by-step support, information, and virtual coaching with a headset or phone.

Partner with GP Strategies to enhance learning and job performance at your organization with expert VR training.

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