Operational Excellence

Today’s business environment is complex and ever-shifting. Companies are faced with global competition, cost management and workforce readiness and knowledge challenges. Achieving sustainable improvements to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is critical.

Successful organizations have learned that the only way to address these new pressures is to take a holistic view to organizational performance, deploying sustainable interventions that create true impact for the business.

GP Strategies’ organizational excellence experts can help you shift focus to a holistic view of organizational performance, then target the specific areas within your organization that will produce the most effective and responsive changes in performance.

Along the way, we address every element of organizational effectiveness together, from strategy and culture to leadership, frontline sales and the delivery of business results.

Our strategies to achieving Operational Excellence include:

  • Operational Excellence Assessments – From on-site observations, focus groups and interviews, to off-site surveying, data analysis and benchmarking, GP Strategies has various tools that help organizations access their current state, identify gaps, and uncover high performance areas. We compare assessment data to both past performance as well as industry-recognized standards to help companies determine if they are in the top or bottom quartiles compared to peers, where performance gaps may exist, and areas already best-in-class
  • Lean – GP Strategies embraces the Toyota philosophy for implementing Lean in your enterprise. Brief training modules followed by hands-on implementation resulting in a deep understanding of the principles and tools of Lean
  • Six Sigma – This set of techniques seeks to improve the quality of the output of your internal processes. GP Strategies’ Operational Excellence Strategy and Practice will help your organization deploy your Six Sigma program
  • Lean Six Sigma – A combination of Lean and Six Sigma, GP Strategies has the know-how to help your organization with structured training, help in establishing your deployment plan, coaching and hands-on implementation
  • Value Stream Analysis – Many times your processes can be improved by visually analyzing the flow and potential areas of waste. GP experts work with your team to apply a rigorous Value Stream Mapping process to current operations to create an improved future state
  • Maintenance and Reliability Excellence – Let GP Strategies’ Operational Excellence Practice help your organization improve equipment reliability, reduce maintenance costs, and increase operations-maintenance cooperation
  • Performance and Operations – Whether it’s the performance of your employees or the performance of equipment, GP Strategies has solutions to help improve the performance and operations of your organization so it can run as efficient and cost-effective as possible
  • Asset Management – GP Strategies can help support reliable production with a plan covering every element of asset management – human, equipment, design and process
  • New Product Development – Practical tools and techniques such as DFMEA and Design for Six Sigma to help your team go efficiently from concept to design
  • Supply Chain Development – Integrate operational, transactional, and organizational processes for streamlined performance through GP Strategies effective supply chain development initiatives
  • Rapid Improvement Events – GP Strategies’ rapid improvement event training is a continuous improvement methodology intended to help the whole organization make a quick improvement in a specific target area
  • Enterprise Readiness Assessment – A comprehensive enterprise readiness assessment known as a ‘Deep Dive’, early engagement tool, can help outline the path to achieving business goals by identifying gaps and outlining opportunities to enhance performance and improve methodologies.
  • Risk Management – Create a culture that minimizes risk and maintains compliance by developing governance, risk management, and regulatory compliance in emergency management; health, safety, and environment; process safety; and more

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