Solutions For Turning Talk Into Torque

An increase in capital expenditure costs and new safety and environmental regulations have brought about a different set of challenges affecting the automotive industry in both the areas of manufacturing, and marketing and retail.

A Global Manufacturing Solution   

The automotive manufacturing industry is facing a series of challenges today, such as the following:

  • Margin pressures, forcing OEMs to do more with less
  • Soaring costs of capital expenditures to build new products
  • Significant expense caused by downtime and production losses
  • Ever-stringent regulatory and industry safety requirements
  • Workforce attrition/loss of institutional knowledge
  • Increased technically complex automation/systems

The GP Strategies Experience

With offices throughout Europe, Asia, and the Americas, and with more than 50years’ experience supporting the automotive industry on both the manufacturing and retail side, GP Strategies is best positioned to help with the challenges facing the automotive industry today.

Our solutions include the following:

  • Standardizing work and cross-functional training as a way to counter workforce attrition, ensuring the workforce can perform different jobs
  • Developing equipment training and operating procedures documentation as a way to deal with increased automation and system complexity
  • Offering safety analysis and training to minimize risks and reduce incidents
  • Implementing process optimization strategies to help eliminate waste, enabling manufacturers to build products at the lowest possible cost
  • Maintaining and improving the reliability of capital assets for greater longevity, maximizing the return on investment of those assets


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