Employee Engagement

Build a culture to empower high performance.

Helping Your People Have Their Best Day at Work

Employee engagement strategies are popular and powerful simply because they are effective and successful at retaining high-performers. When your workforce doesn’t feel connected to your organization or its vision, their performance suffers, turnover rates climb, and people often disengage from your values, goals, and strategies.

Pay, perks, and benefits don’t buy employee engagement. Instead, it requires an alignment of maximum job satisfaction with maximum job contribution. When people have the focus, communication, and support needed to do their best, they experience work that works for them and delivers the results you need.

Taking Action to Enhance Engagement

Based on decades of experience, our employee engagement programs provide the knowledge, tools, and resources you need to develop a fully participating workforce. Our solutions take your organization from average to high-performing by integrating culture and engagement throughout your business strategy execution.

How to Increase Employee Engagement

Our employee engagement solutions provide the knowledge, tools, and resources you need to develop a fully engaged workforce where every day on the job is a great day.

The Power of Simplicity

Our Employee Engagement approach helps you improve commitment and participation across your organization, including:

  • Measurement Strategy | Methodology, Project Management, Listening Strategy, Survey Design, and Communications Plan
  • Insights | Organization, People, and Manager Insights
  • Planning | Team Discussions, Individual Plans, and Identifying Engagement Champions
  • Action | Behavior Change, Effective Communications, Engagement Conversations, Coaching Conversations, and Career Conversations

Measure. Commit. Engage.

From insightful surveys to digital support for interpreting and acting on findings, our surveys help you drive the accountability and actions needed to increase engagement and improve performance.

We partner with you to create a survey and communication strategy that reflects your priorities and culture. Our approach includes an organizational summary presentation, comparative reports by demographics, and actionable reports for managers.

  • Engagement Survey. Based on our model of shared accountability, this short, actionable survey sheds light on opportunities for improving engagement.
  • Pulse Survey. This brief survey has broad application to your total workforce or a specific subset of employees. It enables you to track progress of engagement initiatives, explore specific topics, and demonstrate continued commitment to engagement.
  • Dynamic Reporting. Our digital dashboard allows leaders and administrators to organize data by workgroup, manager, and other attributes for focused analysis and planning.

Promote and Foster Engagement

Our programs drive engagement by:

  • Increasing employee ownership of success.
  • Helping employees understand their unique drivers of engagement. 
  • Coaching employees to communicate their engagement needs.
  • Helping managers build stronger relationships with their direct reports.
  • Improving overall performance. 
  • Giving managers the insights they need to coach in a way that drives job contribution and satisfaction.

Our employee engagement programs include:

Managing Professional Growth (MPG)

Provide individuals with personal insights, developmental feedback, and a proven employee-manager conversation structure focused on increased engagement, professional growth and development, and mutual success.

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The Engagement Equation

Leaders and managers can’t force employee engagement. This learning experience examines what can be done:

  • Explore individuals’ engagement needs and drivers.
  • Create an environment that fuels employee engagement.
  • Coach team members to higher levels of engagement.

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Taking Ownership of Your Engagement

It is vital for individual team members to understand what meaningful work looks like for them and the organization, and then take actions to achieve it. This learning experience provides the insights and tools for employees at all levels to manage their own engagement and professional growth.

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Our suite of offerings include:

  • Consulting Services | Aligning vision and strategy to deliver integrated and systemic business results to drive growth and change through people.
  • Learning Services | Modern learning strategies, content, experiences, and delivery approaches that optimize workforce performance.
  • Technologies | An ecosystem of learning and talent tools, systems, platforms, and expertise that enable learning and talent transformation.


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