Vendor Management Solutions

Enhance learning experience, drive vendor performance, and deliver results.

Enhanced Learning Delivery: Reimaging Your Vendor Management

Sourcing and managing a global network of learning suppliers can be challenging, time-consuming, and costly. Transform your learning delivery with our world-leading supply chain management solutions. Our services streamline the process, increase efficiency, reduce costs, and accelerate the delivery of learning.

As your vendor management partner, we have the expertise and resources to provide real value and align with the evolving needs of your learners and business, achieving impactful results. We’re committed to reducing and managing your operational costs, scaling your learning initiatives, and delivering innovative training expertise to free up your internal teams and resources for more strategic initiatives.

With our extensive global network of specialists, certified facilitators, and producers, we empower you to expand your capabilities and support your corporate strategy while meeting your immediate needs and fostering a lasting, value-driven partnership.

Vendor Management Services That Power Your Goals

  • Supplier Sourcing, Rationalization, and Management

    Our supply chain management solutions are tailored to achieve your business goals, ensuring high-quality service, cost-efficiency, and consistent vendor performance. With a robust process to streamline, source, manage, and procure existing and new vendor relationships, our global network of vendors delivers quality content at competitive prices.
  • Faculty and Trainer Resourcing

    We leverage our extensive global supply chain and network of over 2,700 learning providers and skilled facilitators to deliver a range of skills, expertise, and industry experience. With a highly trained and experienced team of resourcing managers, learning consultants, project managers, and project coordinators, we support your recruitment, selection, onboarding, scheduling, and training needs. Our team is equipped to deliver the necessary resources, expertise, and experience at the speed and scale to meet your goals.
  • Contracting and Service Delivery

    Our solutions prioritize creating great experiences for your learners and your organization. By forming a strategic partnership, we align to your unique business needs, delivering regular reports on supplier performance and exploring alternative solutions to achieve your strategic goals. With us, your sourcing experience is pain free and successful.
  • Performance Management and Reporting

    We can help you enhance the performance of your vendors and improve the quality of your learning delivery. Our team evaluates your vendor performance, delivering a tailored faculty network, faculty-management model, and resourcing model designed to improve vendor performance and drive substantial business results.
  • Category Management

    As a world-leading global partner in category management, we provide end-to-end support to meet all your training needs. Our services range from learning consulting and content design and development to customized training, faculty and delivery management, staff augmentation, and integrated talent solutions.

Driving Vendor Performance: Proven Methods

Our first-in-class vendor management services help your learning organization meet its global training delivery needs by:

  • Providing access to a global pool of vendors
  • Providing access to talent and learning vendors with deep domain experience
  • Monitoring performance measurement and quality control
  • Reducing third-party learning and development vendor spend
  • Effectively leveraging supplier offerings and global reach
  • Efficiently managing the overall process from initial request through service delivery
  • Utilizing technology to capture, manage, and report data
  • Continuously monitoring vendor quality and performance to ensure expectations are met

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