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Improve Asset Performance with EtaPRO® VirtualPlant

The leading thermal performance management technology

For more than 25 years, energy companies have counted on EtaPRO® VirtualPlant to get the most out of their assets and maximize plant profitability. This powerful performance and condition monitoring solution tool delivers these outcomes by:

  • Using plant design information and first engineering principles to predict online and offline target asset performance
  • Forecasting plant heat rate and capacity for market participation
  • Providing real-time performance benchmarks from design and acceptance test data

With EtaPRO VirtualPlant, your engineers can quickly and easily build first principles models of all assets configured within EtaPRO.

Monitor displaying EtaPRO VirtualPlant, a leading thermal performance monitoring program.
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“What-if” analyses

In addition to providing real-time data, EtaPRO VirtualPlant can also help predict how an asset will react to changes in your facility. As a static simulator, you can create what-if analyses to understand how assets respond to new equipment, temperature change, and other variables.

VirtualPlant models act as an extension of the hardcopy heat balances provided by asset designers. Yet, they can be adjusted to reflect actual operating conditions in your plant, making them better suited to the everyday needs of owners and operators.

Thermal audits and acceptance testing

EtaPRO VirtualPlant provides the ideal tool for validating processing data, supporting equipment testing, and conducting thermal audits. During equipment testing, it accurately validates real-time operating conditions to determine the impact of thermal performance deficiencies.

Using VirtualPlant, we conduct thermal audits to help provide a comprehensive, independent assessment of your facility’s generating and processing capabilities.

We start with a VirtualPlant model, built specifically for your facility, to accurately establish best-achievable performance. Then we determine actual performance at full or base load and compare it to the model. 

Our unique three-step reconciliation process validates the actual heat rate, quantifies the impact of operating and equipment conditions, and allocates capacity and heat rate losses among major plant components.

Optimizing asset performance around the globe

There’s a reason GP Strategies has installed more than 2,000 VirtualPlant units in 40 countries. This easy to use system immediately becomes part of the asset monitoring routine for plant managers and operators, simplifying their jobs while optimizing availability, capacity, and efficiency every day.

  • EtaPRO VirtualPlant’s robust thermal performance management capabilities include:
  • State-of-the-art thermodynamic modeling and monitoring technologies
  • Productivity optimization
  • Profitability improvement
  • Increased efficiencies
  • Real-time data for improved decision-making
  • The ability to detect, quantify, alert, log, trend, diagnose, predict, and report plant and asset performance conditions
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Maximize Your Plant’s Reliability and Availability With EtaPRO

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