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Technical Documentation Services

Accessible, accurate and actionable

Technical documentation serves as the knowledge base library for your organization, providing vital information about everything from job specs to standard operating procedures, quality control, regulatory requirements, safety guidelines and more. Creating and delivering this highly

highly technical content up to date is no easy task. Version management, translating to different languages, adhering to regulatory requirements, making the documents easily accessible for audits – these and other challenges can make technical document management seem like a business unto itself.

The right technical information when you need it most

GP Strategies is a leader in technical documentation solutions and can help ensure your people receive the right versions of the right documents when they need them.

Technical documentation that’s hard to access wastes valuable time and resources. Whether it’s a new product, service, or maintenance procedure, the correct  information needs to flow in a timely manner.

Next-generation Efficiency ProDocs

ProDocs brings next-generation efficiency, connectivity, and metrics to managing your business-critical documentation. Reduce the energy and time your organization invests into updating key documents by deploying updates instantly, collaboratively, and easily.

  • Instantaneously batch-update large numbers of documents throughout your organization
  • Reduce development time and effort by more than 90%
  • Reduce mistakes in your documentation
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Blended courseware for technical training

From single-project solutions to complex end-to-end technical training programs, our blended learning solutions for technical documentation training combines elements of eLearning, classroom and hands-on training, gamification, coaching and apprenticeship workshops, and more to offer long-term learning impacts with greater flexibility to meet any organization’s needs.


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