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Qualtrics Employee Experience Services

Employee experience solutions that build engagement and retention

For global enterprises, world-class business results rely on superb execution of business strategy.  As competition grows, employee engagement plays an increasingly vital role in achieving strategic goals.

SAP Qualtrics solutions gather workforce experience data throughout the entire employee lifecycle.

By seamlessly integrating the HR-related modules with SAP SuccessFactors, Qualtrics surfaces predictive and personal insights (based on employee feedback) empower HR leaders and managers to take timely action to improve the employee experience. 

A recognized leader in SAP Qualtrics solutions, GP Strategies provides consultancy and guidance in the following SAP Qualtrics areas.

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SAP Qualtrics Employee Engagement

This solution pinpoints experience, engagement, and productivity drivers so HR leaders and managers can act in real-time. Powered by intelligent analytics, SAP Qualtrics Employee Engagement analyzes open-text responses and runs statistical analyses to predict the biggest engagement and impact drivers within your organization.

Role-based dashboards contain focus areas and insights managers can use to drive improvements for their individual teams. The Employee Pulse Add-on supports this module in delivering ad hoc pulse-like surveys and annual surveys.

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SAP Qualtrics Employee Lifecycle

The employee lifecycle solution delivers real-time, actionable insights into employee experiences across the entire employee journey. Leveraging expert content from Qualtrics XM Solutions, the module provides onboarding and exit content, workflow, and automation that can be built directly into your existing HR processes.

Surveys directed toward specific milestones, such as first-day onboarding, training, promotion, exit, and more, assist HR leaders in creating personalized employee experiences to build engagement and retention.

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SAP Qualtrics Employee Benefits Optimizer

Understanding the employee journey starts with putting employee feedback at the center of the benefits design process. The Benefits Optimizer uses a choice-based conjoint methodology to identify the ideal benefits and compensation packages for your culture and budget. It simulates benefits trade-offs employees are willing to make, offers guided configuration, and delivers real-time trends and reports on the most impactful benefits packages.


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GP Strategies: Your go-to SAP Qualtrics partner

When it comes to implementing and adopting sophisticated software solutions, experience counts. Our Global SuccessFactors Practice has completed more than 800 SAP SuccessFactors projects in more than 80 countries. We cover all major industries, and provide continued operational support and maintenance for more than 80 companies.

As an SAP Gold Partner, we have earned SAP Recognized Expertise in all SAP SuccessFactors areas. In partnership with our clients, we have won 13 Quality Awards in four years.

Make the employee experience your organization’s secret competitive advantage.

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