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Optimize Technical Competency and Proficiency

On-the-job training and technical learning is undergoing profound change in every field of work, especially within those that employ a technical and highly skilled workforce. Staying ahead of these demands calls for workforce transformation that prepares employees for the new realities of high-competency learning and skills development.

That workforce transformation requires leading-edge technology-based learning solutions and learner experiences that employ the latest in mobile, e-learning, virtual, and blended learning. We deliver those solutions with best-in-class technical training to help your workforce learn more, perform better, and create the most proficient skill set.

On-demand training for your technical workforce,
including health, safety, and compliance, GPiLearn+.

Maximize Workforce Success

Technology plays a vital role in supporting transformational change, but it can’t make the changes for you. It’s how you use and apply the technology that enhances your people and organization. Deploying technical training best practices starts with understanding that the primary objective is to support workforce upskilling and overall performance improvement. Then it requires answering key questions to ensure you implement the right technical solutions:

  • What technology and learning tools will help our people become the most successful?
  • How do we best address the aging workforce and skills gaps?
  • How, when, and where do we train people on new technologies?
  • How do we measure and track performance?

The Path to Operational Success

When adopting new processes and technologies, how you train employees and how they adapt to change often has more impact on results than the processes and technologies themselves. We employ proven workforce technical training solutions to ensure operational excellence throughout your global enterprise.


Our Solutions

Documentation Development | Well-written procedures help provide a safe, consistent, and repeatable method for performing job tasks. Standard operating procedures establish a solid foundation for safety, efficiency, and continuous process improvement. With more than 50 years of experience in technical documentation training—developing procedures, job aids, system descriptions, large control diagrams, and piping and instrumentation diagrams—we deliver prompt and accurate documentation of your critical procedures.

GPILEARN+™ | GPiLEARN+ is an online technical training program that provides a comprehensive solution to achieve your workforce performance goals. This can be hosted on your LMS, LXP, or on our ready-to-go LMS solution. As part of a broader blended learning solution, GPiLEARN+ supports online, instructor-led, and hands-on content, including business intelligence, workforce analysis, and benchmarking assessments to help measure and improve performance.

Industrial Training Workstations | Industrial training workstations provide a cost-effective tool for supporting the development of maintenance professionals. Our technical training stations include Electrical, Hydraulic, Pneumatics, Process Controls, and Pump/Mechanical, and can assist your workforce in learning and applying the knowledge, skills, and experience required of successful industrial maintenance professionals.

PRECISION Training Strategy | With competition for experienced workers growing, training the younger generation of skilled workers has become paramount. Our PRECISION maintenance training strategy—which stands for planning, recollection, example videos, class activities, interactive screens, safety information, instructor resources, on-the-job training, and navigation—provides targeted training for a technical training audience and ongoing support for those initiatives.

Technical Publication Services and Documentation Development | Our technical publication writing services are developed to fit your needs. Specialties include developing procedures, job aids, system description, large control diagrams, and piping and instrumentation diagrams. Learn more.

Technical Training | When it comes to organizational learning and training, cookie-cutter solutions won’t get the job done. Our customized technical workforce solutions help close performance gaps and resolve the organizational challenges that matter to your company. We identify and help implement the latest in learning technologies for faster and more impactful learning and can tailor classes specific to your facilities equipment.

Upfront Assessments | Launching a workforce performance improvement initiative starts with assessing the gaps in capabilities. Our assessment tools help identify needed individual and workforce improvements, evaluate the potential impact of the technologies, and determine the best training approaches for improving performance and achieving your KPIs.

Work-Based Learning and Apprenticeship | Today’s technical global brands face an aging workforce, especially in the skilled trades. We design and implement customized apprenticeship programs that provide a consistent pool of highly trained and qualified talent. We can help you bring training programs in-house and assist technical colleges in leveraging our programs, equipment, experienced instructors, and educational tools for student use.

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