Our leading strategy execution platform

Increase levels of efficiency, create strategic change

Strategy execution is among the largest challenges facing organizations worldwide. When fortunes may be wasted due to poor execution, aligning strategic objectives with performance indicators is a critical—and urgent—priority.

Advance is the world-class strategy execution platform from McKinney Rogers, a division of GP Strategies, for executive leadership teams and operational stakeholders to access instant performance data and analytics. The cloud-based framework helps organizations build and track execution in one central, accessible space.

Data-driven performance

From defining business objectives to formalizing strategy, tasks, and KPIs, Advance delivers increased levels of performance and alignment across the board so you can have a transparent and complete view of your enterprise.

Advance ensures that strategy and operating plans are visible in one place, integrated into portfolio, project, and ERP tools. Key information is highlighted so you can make informed decisions quickly and efficiently. Friction points are identified, priorities are emphasized, and root issues are revealed.