Streamlining The Global Supply Chain

No global supply chain goes without a hitch. Nor does any factory line. In fact, there are many challenges facing the manufacturing industry today.

First, achieving a successful plant start upon time and within budget is of paramount concern. Once operational, global manufacturers are challenged with speed-to-market concerns; uptime and scheduled downtime requirements; and internal production issues involving rapid changeovers, quality, health and safety compliance, and the necessity to produce more with less.

Additionally, manufacturers are pressured to drive costs out of their global operations while maintaining consistency and quality products. However, a vast difference in labor skills, rates, culture, and business standards exists. Recruiting and training a global workforce for sustainable operations is of paramount importance. Add to that an aging workforce that’s sending operations scrambling to fill the void caused by the departing workforce and the knowledge gap caused by the tacit knowledge that goes when they go.

Also, consider the ongoing hurdles of regulatory compliance, process safety management, and the need for performance and workforce excellence.

Take advantage of GP Strategies’ services

With more than 50 years of experience providing training, consulting, and engineering services to the manufacturing industries, GP Strategies has the comprehensive solutions and services to ensure the smooth running of your operation and the overall streamlining of the global supply chain.

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