The Logistics of A To B

The mail, shipping, and freight industry is all about logistics. How do you safely get a parcel into the system, processed, and delivered without damage? How can this be done in the time frame the customer paid for? How can this be accomplished using the most advanced technology?Overcoming these challenges requires detailed organization and implementation of complex operations.

Additional factors such as an aging workforce, competitive pressures, globalization, process inefficiencies, and health safety and regulatory compliance issues can also have an effect on the smooth running of an industry where a simple 10-minute delay can have costly implications running into thousands of dollars.

Logistics is in our DNA

Whether your company wants to introduce high-end technological solutions to integrate intodaily operations, provide technological support, or even train engineers on the best use and application of technology in any given scenario, GP Strategies can help.We have the experience and expertise to custom-develop a training program and documentation designed to smooth processes, boost performance, and increase competitiveness for your organization.

Our solutions include the following:

  • Custom Training—Developing and delivering courses tailored to your culture, systems, and business objectives. Media and modes include instructor-led training (ILT), on-the-job-training (OTJ), computer-based training (CBT), web-based training (WBT), training on DVD or video, or a blended solution, proven to increase effectiveness
  • Specialized Skills Training—Delivering world-class solutions focused on boosting maintenance, technical, information systems, and leadership skills
  • Documentation—Developing manuals, handbooks, and job aids to support your equipment. Formats include MS Office compliant, FrameMaker, XML DITA, and AutoCAD
  • Lean Enterprise Consulting—Implementing Lean and other operational excellence disciplines to achieve sustainable change in your organization
  • Training Consulting—Analyzing and assessing your training programs to deliver insights for improvement and added return on investment
  • Learning and Training Outsourcing—Providing outsourced support for training logistics such as administration, vendor management, and help desk services
  • Specialized Consulting—Including plant launch, process safety and risk management, and environmental engineering.

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