The Proof Is In The Process

The process industry, including Petrochemical and Pulp & Paper, is currently facing a number of performance challenges. As experienced baby boomers retire in increased numbers, a highly specialized workforce that has remained largely stable for a number of years is now in transition.

And, in spite of new engineers graduating college to take their place, new operators being hired from retail industries or tradespersons being recruited from light manufacturers lack the practical knowledge they need to work safely and effectively around highly hazardous chemicals and complex technologies.

In addition, regulatory requirements continue to increase, placing more requirements upon operations personnel. Meanwhile, the demand for gasoline and petroleum products is at record levels amid challenging global economic conditions.

Experience comes standard with GP Strategies.

In an industry as specialized and vulnerable as the process industries, you want to be sure you’ve got seasoned experts on your team. With more than 50 years of experience providing training, consulting, and engineering services to the process industries, nobody serves you better than GP Strategies.

Download our Process Industry Training Services overview.

Whether you need help with security and preparedness, third-party audits, a new system design, a safety relief system analysis, or a workforce development program, our project teams provide the highest quality technical services at competitive rates. Our experts have extensive experience with system design, regulatory compliance programs, risk management, and maintenance program improvement to help optimize performance and reliability throughout your facilities.

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