The Race To The Market

The trend of globalization is putting a strain on companies in the Food & Beverage industry. Geographic considerations are forcing organizations to rationalize production and move production centers around.

With big retailers dominating, and the pressures put on the industry by big discount brands, the whole dynamic of the market is changing. Manufacturing costs are becoming an even bigger issue than they were before, forcing companies to try reducing costs by, for example, moving and producing in other more optimum geographic areas.

Where the emphasis used to be on flexibility—producing more SKUs, more frequently—it is now slowly shifting to higher bulk runs of single products. This need for bigger, faster, higher capacity lines is resulting in a heavier reliance on automation.

In more saturated western markets, it is not about putting in a lot more capacity quickly, but about making the best use of the assets you have, such as providing new, innovative products into the marketplace to get a bigger share or trying different formats of packaging. In less saturated markets, and especially where greenfield projects are concerned, engineering, design, and technology concerns come into play.

Either way, the common global challenge is that no matter where companies manufacture in the world, they want the product to be recognized as being the same—the taste, flavor, and texture of products need to be consistent.

A global leader in food & beverage

GP Strategies is agile and sensitive to local market pressures and has the end-to-end capabilities needed to provide customized, comprehensive world-class solutions to even the most challenging issues. From preinvestment studies and master planning, to full-scale implementation and plant launch support to plant optimization, we can support you around the globe with local expertise.

Count on us to help you:

  • Develop a strategic asset management plan—Support reliable production with a plan covering every element of asset management—human, equipment, design, and process
  • Leverage CapEx design and project management expertise—Count on the deep experience of GP Strategies for project implementation, facility and process design, project management, and technical consulting. From new product introductions to technology re-equipping and the scaling up and consolidation of facilities, we can handle any size project from conception to completion
  • Design an organizational strategy—GP Strategies will analyze your workforce and their job tasks, and then partner with you to design, develop, and execute a strategy to navigate toward your optimized structure
  • Establish equipment-specific process instructions—We’ll merge original equipment manufacturer (OEM) data with approved systems and procedures to create fully accessible, equipment-specific documentation that builds on and retains operator knowledge and is critical to achieving and maintaining efficient outputs
  • Plan and execute plant launches—Count on GP Strategies to relentlessly pursue the integration of your people, processes, and technologies to hit your return on investment (ROI) targets and achieve a successful launch
  • Train the organization—Unlock your people’s abilities to support your strategic business objectives through the delivery of critical training. GP Strategies not only creates and maintains flexible learning management systems, but we also provide the strategy, staffing, logistics, development, and training implementation you need to perform at an optimal level.


Rely on the proven expertise of GP Strategies

With over 3,300 training, consulting, and engineering professionals around the globe, GP Strategies covers all the bases for your organization’s performance needs. Make us your single source for:

  • Comprehensive learning solutions
  • Flexible outsourcing solutions
  • Performance-based engineering and facilities solutions
  • Specialized manufacturing and process solutions

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Food & beverage industry: one Source—a world of solutions

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GP Strategies offers total facility and manufacturing-based solutions for the Food industry. We design hygienic environments and processes that are compliant with statutory and best-practice frameworks, satisfying our client and end customer requirements.

We understand issues connected with high- and medium-care production areas, methods of cleaning, continuous or batch operations, and materials logistics.

Many of our projects start at the concept study stage, providing an unbiased appraisal of the most effective solutions that include product range or volume expansion, lower cost of production, factory rationalization, and master-planning.

Our experiences have seen GP Strategies undertake projects for food manufacturers worldwide. Our solutions often require us to source the best-fit equipment from across the world.

We handle projects seamlessly from study through design and procurement to final commissioning and handover, providing total ownership of the project.


For over 50 years, GP Strategies has undertaken an active and leading role within the Brewing sector, working with many global clients, as well as the fast-growing craft beers market.

Our experience extends from malting through to finished product packaging, providing us with the capability to deliver process, packaging, or complete brewery solutions. The range of assignments we have completed extends from concept and feasibility studies through to final commissioning and handover, providing a seamless solution to the total project lifecycle.

Our independence from suppliers also allows us to provide impartial consultancy services, including site masterplans, brewing process development, technical audits, energy efficiency, safety compliance, and performance improvement assignments. We also offer asset valuation services to our major clients, which include financial institutions.

Energy reduction and resource efficiency have become essential to brewers in order to maintain a profitable future.


GP Strategies is a leading company within the international Drinks sector, working with many major global clients to engineer manufacturing solutions to fulfill their needs.

Working for over 30 years in this sector, we cover both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, and raw materials through to finished product packaging. We have the capability to deliver process, packaging, and complete beverage factory solutions.

We deliver on the entire project lifecycle, from concept and feasibility studies through to final commissioning and handover, providing a total seamless solution to your needs.

Our independence from suppliers also allows us to provide impartial consultancy services, including technical audits, asset valuations, energy efficiency, safety compliance, and performance improvement assignments.

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