The Road To Operational Excellence

GP Strategies refines best-practice solutions to improve performance and manage risk, helping our customers achieve a state of operational excellence through streamlined process, workforce superiority, organization effectiveness, regulatory compliance, and operational readiness. Whether you’re performing at your peak or looking for improvement, our assessments and solutions have repeatedly identified and filled gaps many organizations weren’t even aware existed. From fast-tracking turnarounds to eliminating recurring equipment failures, our Operational Excellence Tools rapidly improve throughout while mitigating risk.

It takes the integration of people, processes, and technology to achieve operational excellence. By focusing on the people in your organization, GP Strategies uses innovative blended learning models to deliver targeted improvements to your key performance indicators (KPIs). Plus, realize significant improvements in new and existing employees’ productivity, equipment and operating performance, and maintenance and reliability programs.

Read how GP Strategies implemented an Operational Excellence Model to measurable success, lowering response times by 60 minutes and effectively saving $608,435 per year.

Exploration & Production
Petrochemical & Chemical Processing
Pipeline Operations

Benefit from Working with an Operational Excellence Expert

Areas where we can help you deliver targeted improvements and quantifiable results include the following:

  • Operations – Improve the performance of your people and equipment while reducing the total cost of ownership.
  • Maintenance and Reliability – Improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) while reducing downtime.
  • Safety – Reduce incidents and their causes.
  • Regulatory Compliance – Ensure standards are met such as PSM and PHMSA.
  • Operational Readiness – Ensure your operations and equipment are ready for day one.
  • Documentation Development – Effective, strategic, and accessible documentation can ensure even the most inexperienced operators excel like a veteran.
  • Return on Investment – Exceeds 500% in most cases.

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