Every function and activity that takes place in an organization involves some form of direct or indirect communication. The success of these functions and activities directly depends on the ability of the people in the organization to communicate effectively. This course focuses on the process of creating open communication that increases rapport and productivity. Most people in organizations take steps to work toward “being a better communicator.” In this course, participants will identify concrete steps and processes that will truly help them improve their communications skills. Once these concepts are identified, they will then practice these skills during several role-play and group activities, which will add more depth and solidify their learning.


  • Describe the five steps to creating open communication
  • Assess communication skills and identify areas of strength and development
  • Determine the most appropriate method for sharing messages
  • Demonstrate the appropriate nonverbal skills to enhance communication with others
  • Create assertive statements
  • Apply open-ended questioning techniques to increase two-way communication
  • Use active listening skills to improve rapport and productivity in the working environment
  • Respond effectively when receiving feedback