Leaders must be equipped with specific skills to forge engagement while unleashing innovation. For more than 20 years GP Strategies has conducted research which shows that leaders:

  • Have distinct workplace needs and leadership challenges
  • Increasingly have to lead through influence and inspiration rather than authority
  • Have blind spots when it comes to seeing what their teams need and where their leadership falls short
  • Have specific learning preferences (i.e., multiple, shorter sessions, and access to on-demand resources)

Leading People+ is based on our proven success with hundreds of leading companies, training thousands of people. It is exclusively designed to equip managers with skills and strategies for engaging and unleashing the knowledge, expertise, independence, and confidence of today’s workers.


  • Accelerated time-to-market for new product concepts
  • Reduced friction and increased productivity
  • More rapid adoption and implementation of new technology, techniques, and processes
  • Retention of high-value talent
  • Smoother, faster transitions for people promoted to leadership roles
  • Leaders who can handle increased span of control
  • A culture where employees thrive and a reputation that attracts the best in the business

Key Features

  • Research-based content and real-world practice scenarios for maximum relevance and impact
  • Modular program design for easy customization and flexible implementation
  • Continuous learning approach with multiple touch points to increase engagement and knowledge retention
  • Assessment process for quantifiable improvements

Content Modules

(2-hour VILT per module):
Setting Goals: Increase contribution by setting and supporting SMART goals.
Delegating Responsibility: Increase contribution and satisfaction without micromanaging.
Giving Feedback: Leverage high-performance and correct performance issues with clear, meaningful feedback.
Inspiring Innovation: Unleash creativity and organizational potential through everyday innovation.
Managing Change: Maintain engagement during times of change.
Influencing Others: Create buy-in and advance ideas by building strong relationships and influencing strategically.
Handling Resistance: Push initiatives forward and maintain relationships by handling resistance effectively.
Leading Teams: Set up employees for success by leveraging the fundamentals of high-performing teams.
Leading Virtually: Communicate effectively across a range of communication media to a diverse, global audience

Other Details

Foundations of LeadershipModule (half day ILT or two 2-hour VILT) is a pre-requisite.
Additional 2-hour modules selected for 1-2 day program (all available in ILT and VILT).