Mindset Essentials is a highly experiential one-day workshop for individuals who are expected to demonstrate leadership, either formally or informally, in their role. Participants engage in a pre-work self-assessment and a variety of experiential activities, discussions, group-work, and individual reflection in which they build awareness and gain practical insights of 4 leadership mindsets critical to successfully demonstrating leadership and influence today,


  • Insightful understanding of leadership mindsets (Growth, Inclusive, Enterprise, Agile) and how your mindset influences your thinking, feelings, and behaviors
  • Increased self-awareness through self-assessment of where and when the mindsets are being applied (or not) in your roles
  • Commitments to the specific shifts needed to more consistently apply the mindsets to improve your effectiveness and impact
  • Strategies to better support organizational growth by focusing on the key attributes and actions needed to steer their organizations forward