The more engaged your workforce, the more capacity it has to deliver on your organizational imperatives. High employee engagement drives discretionary effort, innovation, customer loyalty, quality, productivity, profitability and retention of top talent. Yet in most regions of the world, only one in three employees is fully engaged.

Managers can’t “make” anyone engaged. This learning experience equips them to do what they can achieve: create an environment that fuels engagement and coach team members to higher levels of engagement, year-round, every day, regardless of whether the organization is committed to measuring engagement or acting on survey results.


  • Articulate the definition, drivers, and owners of engagement
  • Better assess and manage their own engagement
  • Establish trust, unleash potential and build confidence in others to fuel engagement every day
  • Conduct 1-on-1 discussions with team members to better understand and take action on their unique engagement drivers and challenges at work
  • Conduct team meetings to identify actions the team can take, within their control and influence, to increase engagement

Other details

  • Workbook that provides post-workshop tips and tools