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Human Factors Awareness Aligned with RM13010

The concept of human factors represents the way that people work as a system with programs and processes, the work environment, the organization, and equipment—with the individual at the center of that system. Any flaws in the system impact the performance of the individual, and any flaws in the individual impact the system. Evidencing that human factors have been considered is a requirement of the SAE AS13100 standard, and the reference manual RM13010 provides supplemental information and guidance on this key topic.

This half-day workshop provides a concise introduction to the range of human factors that can affect performance, along with the ones that should be considered in relation to any design, improvement, change management, or problem-solving campaign. Once learners understand the concept of human factors, the workshop will consider error-avoidance tactics that can improve the management of these issues. A mix of theory, interactive group activities, and discussions will help learners explore what human factors will mean back in the workplace and how to follow RM13010 guidance for the AS13100 standard.