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Step Outside Your bubble

Gain fresh perspectives

  1. Reverse mentoring is not about business as usual. It’s a powerful tool for systemic change. It helps connect people to share diverse experiences and knowledge, and brings valuable new insights and different perspectives to an organisation. Bringing mentors and mentees together from different backgrounds, departments, industries, generations and job functions, it is an effective way to build a more empathetic and positive company culture.

  2. Breaking down harmful assumptions and addressing conflict and bias, Reverse Mentoring is pivotal for the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion agenda. In a tech world, it is also supports essential upskilling and knowledge sharing, and encourages wider mutual understanding and shared organisational purpose. It’s an experience that supports you through uncertainty and change, nurtures the next wave of talent, and helps build a positive and effective culture within your organisation.

African businesswoman and her Caucasian coworkers using digital tablet and walking in the office

Shift mindsets

At GP Strategies, our Reverse Mentoring programmes provide a space to hold difficult conversations, connect people at a deeper level, shift approaches, share fresh perspectives, and encourage sustained behaviour change.

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