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Virtual Training Solutions

People are working and learning remotely longer than expected and virtual training will continue to be a key component to organizations’ learning strategy. At GP Strategies, we partner with you to create, convert, and deliver virtual training and events. From rapid learning conversions and global deployment to engaging and collaborative virtual events, we offer the support and training technology you need to deliver a cost-effective, customizable, and scalable virtual training solution mapped to your goals.

Reduce your L&D COSTS. Deliver learning globally at SCALE. Reach REMOTE workers. Reduce your TIME to train.

Virtual instructor-led training (VILT) conversion, creation, and delivery

Deliver learning to a globalized, remote workforce. Our VILT solutions give facilitators the tools they need to deliver modern virtual experiences complete with a wide range of functionality and blended learning strategies.

  • Instruction
  • Demonstration
  • Interaction
  • Collaboration
  • Expert facilitation
  • Coaching
  • Moderation and Support
  • Technologies

Virtual training technology

Our teams are experts with virtually every virtual training technology on the market and we bring that experience to provide the right mix for your unique need, saving you time, testing, and cost.

Virtual training session

Converting learning to virtual training formats

When converting learning courses and assets, it’s critical not to be lured into the “dump and run” approach – the promises of quick conversions. These typically result in drops to learner engagement.

GP Strategies uses an approach to convert learning quickly based on our experience creating thousands of VILTs and virtual training programs. Our approach uses modern learning theory, customizable templates, and more to help you convert efficiently to deliver engaging and high impact virtual training solutions.

Virtual learning journeys

Go beyond VILT with more robust learning experience design, platforms, and technologies.

We help companies develop and implement learning experience programs that offer spaced, micro, and social learning.

These programs are designed to lead cohorts of your people through larger initiatives over time and in varying learning content formats delivered through a digital learning strategy.

A graphic showing how a virtual learning program for the hybrid workforce might look, with various moderated and self-led training modules.

Virtual platform

Deliver your preferred experience in an engaging, collaborative, and organized virtual environment.

We have delivered virtual events with robust functionality for a wide range of needs, from small group sessions to massive virtual sessions with keynotes, workshops, and breakout meetings.

Customize your event with powerful features and services:

  • Communication, Promotion, & Registration Marketing Engine
  • Customization & Design
  • Sponsorship, Exhibitor, Partner, and Team Spaces
  • Security
  • Content
  • Community & Networking
  • Administration, Moderation, & Support
  • Facilitation

Our virtual training platform solution is ideal for:

  • Internal Conferences, Roundtables, and Forums
  • Networking & Collaboration Events
  • Learning Events
  • Team-Specific and Organization-Wide Meetings

Virtual training, facilitation, and support


Design and deliver engaging virtual learning and VILT.

We work with you to prioritize your creation, conversion, and delivery needs and use the latest learning theory to design a virtual learning environment for your target audience.


Deliver learning with the best platforms and tools to fit your unique needs. There is no ONE tool that works for everyone. We use every learning technology on the market so you don’t have to and we bring that experience and our robust partnerships to implement the right mix for you.

Make learning work seamlessly with your technology requirements. Our designers, programmers, and support personnel ensure your programs work on complex systems for a successful delivery.


Upskill your people to become effective virtual facilitators. It’s difficult for a facilitator who thrives on working the room to transition to a virtual audience. We work with your people to improve a suite of skills to deliver engaging virtual sessions.

Supplement your facilitation needs with GP Strategies’ instructors, experts, and moderators. We provide the personnel to increase your virtual training capacity and scale your delivery offerings.

Producing, moderating, and social community management

Ensure smooth virtual programs and events with the support of GP Strategies certified producers, platform moderators, and social community managers. These virtual support roles assist you with all facets of your virtual training event from setup, support throughout each session, troubleshooting, attendee engagement, and reporting.

Our certified producers can support your virtual training and events through hosting tasks, technical tasks, and reporting. No matter the tool or platform your organization uses, our platform moderators assist with content, communication, and more. Keep your participants engaged with social community managers.

Certify and upskill your people for virtual delivery

In addition to providing these experts, we offer a qualification and certification program to upskill your people for these roles, from learning platforms to best practices to ensure a smooth virtual experience.