2019 Voice of the Learner Report

44% of respondents have left an organization because there weren’t enough opportunities to develop skills.

It’s an alarming statistic.

As organizations go digital with learning strategies, it’s critical to understand how employees and end consumers prefer to learn and develop.

Read how employees prefer to learn, what technologies are considered most effective, and how learning is currently impacting engagement in this learning survey.

The report includes key findings such as:

  • When do you take the time to learn?
  • What skills do you need to develop?
  • What learning technology is seen as more effective?


This report explores these questions and more results from the survey, provides contextual analysis, and how these insights can be applied to organizations.

A Look Inside

How do you MOST prefer to learn?

  • 42% – Learn in a classroom with a group.
  • 22% – Learn one-on-one with a mentor, leader, friend, or peer.
  • 18% – Learn on your own.
  • 13% – Learn through online training.
  • 6% – Learn virtually with a group (e.g., webinar).


Takeaway: While many may be tempted to respond, “it depends,” we wanted to push respondents to select their most preferred learning modality. The forced ranking of these answers demonstrated that people simply like to learn with others. More than 70% of respondents want to learn with someone else, whether it’s in a group, online, offline, or one-on-one. Organizations should not lose sight that shared experiences and learning together should represent a significant part of their strategy.

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