Welcome To The Age Of The Consumer

It’s a new world out there. Retail, in the age of the consumer, is not only about understanding the customer and delivering a customized experience, but also understanding that no two customers want the same experience. ‘Clienteling’ has become more than a buzzword. It’s a reality.

Front-line store management leaders have become overburdened and need to be upskilled so as to teach, coach, and train their front-line performers in a more effective, purposeful manner. Service as a Sales Model-type thinking equips sales associates to drive sales through better service.

With the emergence of big data, we now have novel ways of acquiring new insights about consumers and employee performance: where they are, what they are doing, and their purchase intentions can be known to us today. But making sense of these insights, optimizing and operationalizing their value at all levels of the enterprise, is another challenge.

As a result of the myriad new ways of purchasing, supply chains are having to be prepared to ensure they have the optimal delivery and fulfillment processes in place. It’s only through better alignment of process that businesses can improve their flexible fulfillment models.

Changing technology, too, is becoming more prominent at the brick-and-mortar level to drive the customer experience and ensure consumers can secure the goods they are seeking. In-store mobile devices, kiosks, customer apps, and beacon technology are all part of the new reality.

And then there’s the key question of how to equip and enable all aspects of the retail enterprise to truly become an omnichannel retailer, ensuring that consumers can buy what they want, when they want it, where they want it, and in the most efficient and easy manner possible.

Omnichannel transformation, also known as the extended aisle, requires enablement across all facets of the retail enterprise, and GP Strategies is here to help.

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