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Increasing availability, reliability and efficiency of the assets that drive your business can improve performance and reduce capital expenditures. However, this often requires specialized expertise, especially when adopting new technologies that will lay the foundation for future success. 

Without the right strategies and technologies in place, asset condition monitoring can be an uncertain and inaccurate process. Data can be hard to track down. Small anomalies often get overlooked until they become big problems.  

Asset maintenance and repairs can be difficult to manage, resulting in unexpected and more costly repairs. Mitigating risk – to your workforce and your assets – often conflicts with the efficient use of both.

Wouldn’t it be nice to optimize the performance of your people, assets and facilities in one all-encompassing performance and condition monitoring system? 

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The EtaPRO® platform

With the combined power of thermal performance, anomaly detection, and predictive analytics, EtaPRO will optimize the performance of your most critical assets. With 25 years’ experience using various asset programs and technologies to deliver customized asset optimization strategies, our go-to solution starts with EtaPRO, the leading asset condition and performance monitoring system.  Need help with your existing system? Contact EtaPRO Support.

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Maximize Your Plant's Reliability and Availability

The EtaPRO Suite brings together four proven technologies under one robust platform for a reliable and cost-effective asset performance improvement solution.

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Our Solutions

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Use our advanced pattern recognition (APR) technology to detect asset anomalies at their earliest stages and provide notifications before the irregularities become critical.

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Built on proven Microsoft SQL technology, EtaPRO Archive is the high-performance data historian that allows you to effectively collect, analyze, and store your critical asset performance data.

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The only monitoring technology that combines advanced diagnostic tools in an automated approach to detect, diagnose, and prognose potential faults on any type of critical rotating equipment.

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energy chemical petro chemical oil refinery

EtaPRO® VirtualPlant

Accurately predict online and offline target asset performance, forecast plant heat rate and capacity for market participation, and develop real-time performance benchmarks from design and acceptance test data.

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GPCALCS — The Performance Engineer’s Toolbox will help you use the power of Microsoft® Excel to quickly test and calculate the thermal performance of your plant equipment. This “toolbox” of Excel workbooks is the culmination of thousands of man-hours of development and testing for accuracy and usefulness by experienced power and process plant performance engineers under actual test conditions.

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GPSteam from GP Strategies provides a condensed booklet of steam tables.  Knowing the various properties of steam and water, GPSteam can be used to calculate the remaining properties. You can also use GPSteam to calculate turbine efficiency knowing the inlet and exhaust conditions.

Merging people and technology for digital transformation success

Successful adoption and  implementation of new technology centers around your people. Powering the people behind the transformation is our core competency. Drawing from decades of experience implementing digital technologies,  we have the insights and methodologies to maximize your EtaPRO return on investment and achieve measurable plant and asset performance improvements.

  1. Achieve Operational Excellence of Capital-Intensive, High-Risk Facilities

    Analyzing and leveraging critical data captured from the EtaPRO platform supports better asset management decisions. As part of your operational excellence initiatives, EtaPRO helps target improvements to operations, maintenance, environment, safety, workforce behaviors and other key performance indicators.

  2. Workforce Training to Maximize ROI

    Go-live training for EtaPRO imparts the skills and knowledge for successful implementation. Our EtaPRO training courses teach how to manage and maintain existing installations, and develop new models using EtaPRO APR’s model builder application. The VirtualPlant workshop teaches how to develop and tune VirtualPlant models.

Case Studies

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Business Impact
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Reduced Cost and Improved Productivity and Equipment Availability at an Oil and Gas Facility

One of the largest multinational oil and gas companies with operations including exploration and production, refining, transport, distribution, petrochemicals, power generation, and trading was looking for ways to better control rising costs at their onshore and offshore facilities.
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