We help organizations transform through their people

In today’s complex uncertain times, we understand that you need solutions and expertise to succeed and thrive. And, we know that success depends on your people, and the skills, processes and technologies they rely on. We have unmatched expertise and deliver those expert solutions.

Why GP Strategies?

GP Strategies Corporation is one of the world’s leading talent transformation providers. By delivering award-winning learning and development solutions, we help organizations transform through their people and achieve meaningful change.

Today’s market is competitive, complex, and volatile. Whether your initiative requires developing the skills of your talent, the implementation and adoption of learning technologies, or refining critical processes, GP Strategies is a transformation partner you can trust.

We are your talent transformation partner.

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Case Studies

A Dynamic Learning Transformation Re-Energizes and Modernizes Onboarding

HSBC wanted to provide a way for individual learners to control the pace of their learning. They recognized that providing new employees flexibility and autonomy over their learning experience would result in higher engagement and a sense of empowerment, which would help the business meet its strategic goals.

A Partner to Learning Transformation

A leading aerospace industry company realized their learning transformation efforts could use a helping hand in order to fulfill their vision of becoming a more modern company with a global footprint, an improved learning experience, more speed and agility, and true business alignment. The organization brought GP Strategies in to focus their efforts and launch a company-wide initiative that’s still ongoing today.

A Modern Leadership Program at Berge Bulk for a Traditional Industry

Berge Bulk identified the need for a standardized leadership program across the organization. The learning team at Berge Bulk, whose diverse workforce was spread globally, aimed to provide a strong foundation and common language of leadership that would define a “Berge Bulk Leader,” from self-leadership, through leading others, to leading the organization. Along with safety leadership, softer leadership skills such as coaching, giving feedback, and building effective teams was important to allow leaders to grow and develop their teams beyond their day-to-day activities.