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Life Sciences

Growth and transformation in disrupted times

Life sciences industries are on a growth trajectory, lacking the internal resources to scale effectively. Care models are evolving. Price pressures are mounting. Regulatory compliance is increasing. The customer landscape is shifting. Data volumes are growing exponentially. Inventions are outpacing learning. And service channels are more competitive, all while burnout is worsening and workforce skills gaps are widening. These disruptions are converging to create extraordinary volatility, complexity, and challenge for biopharmaceutical, medical device, healthcare, and medical technology companies. 

To succeed in this environment, companies need to grow revenue while becoming more agile in response to today’s challenges. In order for this to happen, strategies and business models need to evolve to deliver differentiated value, especially when it comes to technology, analytics, automation, and online customer experiences. It all begins with a continuously transforming workforce, nimble enough to power the changes the business needs to both survive and thrive. 

As a global-scale expert service provider in healthcare performance solutions, healthcare training solutions, enterprise learning, and technical performance programs, GP Strategies empowers your competitive advantage. Our unique ability to understand the big picture of your ecosystem and produce solutions that bring everything together in a unified whole will make all the difference to your organization moving forward. 

Your complexity navigation partner

Across research and development, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals/biopharma, medical devices/medtech, diagnosis, treatment and therapy, telemedicine/telehealth, wellness, and the entire range of the industry, the challenges of growth abound. The demands of scale, compliance, interoperability, workforce, supply chains, providers, patients, and payers are escalating.

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Disruptions and opportunities emerge with a seeming relentless pace

How do you navigate that complexity?

At the heart of it all is your people, working in tandem with your technologies and processes. GP Strategies has the proven ability to weave people, processes, and technologies together in a way that considers the bigger picture—the overall performance of the ecosystem beyond the sum of its parts. For over 50 years as a global healthcare learning company, we’ve been serving life science enterprises with healthcare training solutions, sales performance training, and technology implementation and adoption. Our extensive, on-the-ground, global local office networks provide proven solutions, relevant processes, and the agile veteran expertise to support your team in achieving your goals. No matter how complex the industry gets, GP Strategies is here to help you navigate it.

Our Solutions

  • Business Consulting &  Organizational Development

  • Leadership Solutions

  • Learning Strategies & Solutions

  • Managed Learning Services

  • Technology Implementation & Adoption

Case Studies

Explore our real-world client success stories

Business Impact

Merck Drives Efficiency With Fix/Flex Learning Model

Redundancies and lack of visibility in Merck’s learning organization were driving excess costs, inefficient delivery and poor visibility over spending and performance.
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Business Impact

Validated SuccessFactors Learning for a Medical Devices Company

A Danish medical devices company, employing about 2,000 white- and blue-collar workers around the world, needed to ensure that all employees comply with the newest version of the Quality HandBooks (QHBs) and Instructions (INS), and participate in other forms of compliance training
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Business Impact
Decrease in turnover
Of sales force promoted

Supporting the Growth and Retention of a US Sales Force

A global biopharmaceutical company uses their Performance and Career Enrichment (PACE) program to enhance their US sales force’s competencies and capabilities while rewarding them with promotions, recognition, and pay increases.
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Business Impact

Providing Training Solutions at a Major Healthcare Insurer

A major healthcare insurer was completing multiple projects to prepare their workforce for new processes affecting healthcare, to improve efficiencies, and to lower administrative costs, all of which would majorly impact their employees.
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Business Impact

Immersive Sales Training for a Leading Global Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

One of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies wanted to improve their training program to better prepare their sales force to support the release of new drugs into the healthcare industry.
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