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To optimize innovation and strategy execution, organizations need a well-designed and performance-relevant management structure. Unresponsive organizational design degrades service levels, hurts customer satisfaction, and damages workforce engagement and retention.

We partner with you to build dynamic, adaptable, and cohesive teams so you can outpace competitors, identify and integrate new trends, and empower your capabilities to support the needs of your customers. Our organization design consulting services enable you to have the right talent, work processes, governance, and reward systems to deliver your strategy and optimize value for your customers.

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Digital Transformation of Learning Culture

When your strategies change, your organization design must evolve and adapt. There are right—and wrong—ways to do it. Our proven process for organization design development and change helps your business respond quickly and appropriately to disruptive market conditions.

We start with the end in mind. We’ll help you reshape your business with strategies and solutions built around dynamic and constantly evolving markets.

Put focused, integrated, and balanced change to work for you.

Strategy Alignment | Develop and execute relevant strategies for short- and long-term success. Strategy guides your organization design and drives your decisions. Our expert team has the experience and know-how to align your structure to your strategy, work processes, people practices, and performance metrics to achieve business results.

People | Align talent to create a culture of top performance. We identify the skills your leadership team and frontline employees will need to successfully deliver on your objectives. Then we turn good leaders into great ones through competency development, job design, and assessment.

Capabilities | Identify, harness, and amplify your team’s core competencies and develop new ones to achieve market leadership. Our organization design service includes an in-depth analysis of your organization and competitive landscape to identify what’s needed to stay ahead of the competition.

Structure | Structure work to bring out the best in your organization. Our organization design consultants partner with you to align your work with your strategy, maximize effectiveness, and help your business win in a competitive marketplace.

Process | Optimize workflow and structure decision-making to deliver improved performance and measurable results. Our organization design consultants will help you optimize work processes by reimaging key role outcomes to enable today’s talent and their new ways of working.

Analytics | Get all parties aligned to execute and achieve organizational goals. Use data and analytics to power your success. Setting appropriate targets requires understanding what drives your business. We show you how to identify goal-aligned metrics, enabling insights and actions to drive a faster return on investment. Create the right structure to liberate, not limit.

Case Studies

A Global Aerospace Company Excels with an Agile Approach to Organization Design

A global aerospace and defense company needed to expedite the traditional organization design process to fit their timeline. Instead of starting a traditional organization design process that could take six months to a year to complete, they partnered with GP Strategies to implement an agile organization design approach.

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Our suite of offerings include:

  • Consulting Services | Aligning vision and strategy to deliver integrated and systemic business results to drive growth and change through people.
  • Learning Services | Modern learning strategies, content, experiences, and delivery approaches that optimize workforce performance.
  • Technologies | An ecosystem of learning and talent tools, systems, platforms, and expertise that enable learning and talent transformation.




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