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Readiness for Executive and Frontline Leaders

The work people do and how they work is changing. Leaders need to be ahead of this transformation, to guide and curate it to optimize performance. Global organizations need to train and develop wonderfully diverse workforces that include employees with different attitudes and expectations about work.

They also must support teams working in a hybrid environment as well as learning differences at each level of an organization. Expert executive leadership coaching transforms the way supervisors learn, develop, work, and lead. Coaching also drives higher levels of engagement, retention, and performance, creating a competitive advantage that enables you to outpace competitors.

Our research shows:

of experienced leaders say that executive coaching would increase their effectiveness as leaders
of highly engaged employees report their organizations have a strong coaching culture

Coaching for Sustained Innovation and Growth

Drawing upon our broad experience in different industries, countries, and languages, we create customized leadership strategies that help you build coaching cultures for the specific needs of each of your teams.

To optimize leader development, our customized coaching programs address the unique circumstances of each individual or team based on their level within the organization and their goals.

Leadership Coaching

Leaders at any level should inspire commitment, achieve business results, and guide transformational change. Executive leadership coaching enhances interpersonal communication skills, increasing a leader’s capacity to lead high-performing teams, influence others, and engage stakeholders.

To support a positive culture, our programs instill the top four coaching behaviors your in-person, remote, or hybrid workers expect from their leaders:

  • Direct, candid, and honest communication.
  • Clear performance objectives and milestones.
  • Delivery on promises made.
  • Recognition of employee contributions and achievements.

Coaching programs include:

Everyday Coaching Conversations

Effective managers know how to identify and create powerful coaching moments every day to instill permanent learning. This experiential program supports a flexible, agile approach to coaching in the moment by embedding a culture of coaching into the everyday practices of your managers. By prioritizing short, casual interactions with their people, managers reinforce the importance and need for ongoing learning to improve performance.

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One-on-One Coaching Powered by BetterManager

We’ve partnered with BetterManager to bring you scalable leadership coaching tailored to all levels of your organization. Whether you have recently promoted managers who need help adapting to their new responsibilities, or experienced managers and executives facing new challenges in this fast-changing marketplace, we have a coaching solution that fits your needs.

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Executive Coaching

Our executive coaching process is designed to deliver measurable results for the organization and is customized for each individual. Our coaches have wide business experience and are well-versed in our executive coaching process. Our coaches will work with each leader to clarify individual leadership themes, leverage personal convictions, and create a new standard for constructive dialogue. Through diagnostic tools and candid interviews with the leader and appropriate stakeholders, we will assess the individual’s leadership capabilities and help prioritize the most significant areas for focused development.

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Go With a Proven Coaching Delivery Partner

Coaching and leadership training is powerful and impactful when it’s done right. GP Strategies provides coaching to some of the most successful organizations across the world, serving 25% of the Fortune 500.

Our extensive, international network of coaching professionals includes world-class coaches who each provide the four pillars of coaching success:

Someone to talk with you about goals

Someone to talk to about your work

Someone to talk about you

Role Model
Someone to talk with you about experiences

We also provide leadership coaching training for organizations that want to internalize the coaching process.

Case Studies

Mastercard Motivates New Hires with Sleek Digital Learning Model

With more than 13,000 employees across the globe and healthy growth from new hires and acquisition teams integrated into its ranks each year, making workers feel connected, engaged and significant from day one is especially critical for Mastercard.

Developing Leaders @ Havas Health & You: From Introspection to Inspiration

The Havas Health & You talent management team recognized that supporting its employees, particularly those in influential leadership roles, was an important area of focus. In partnership with GP Strategies, they established the Developing Leaders (DL) Program—a high-potential leadership development program aimed at supporting its up-and-coming executives.

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  • Learning Services | Modern learning strategies, content, experiences, and delivery approaches that optimize workforce performance.
  • Technologies | An ecosystem of learning and talent tools, systems, platforms, and expertise that enable learning and talent transformation.


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