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AI Enterprise Skilling

Build an effective skilling strategy that will enable AI applications.

Strategic Growth Begins with Effective Enterprise Skilling

A successful enterprise skilling strategy sets you apart from your competitors by aligning your organization’s talent development with your business needs and the changing business landscape. However, the wide-scale skill mapping involved in creating an enterprise skilling strategy is complex, requiring the right technology and continuous updating, buy-in and engagement of multiple stakeholders across your organization, and well-organized and well-structured data that uses consistent language.

Creating an HR Roadmap for an Effective AI-Enabled Enterprise Skilling Strategy

An AI-enabled strategy can revolutionize and simplify your approach to enterprise skilling by processing and organizing large datasets and making skills models and structures more dynamic and actionable. AI can quickly analyze and establish connections within clustered skill structures and skill marketplaces, but AI’s effectiveness depends heavily on the quality of the data it processes. Our learning experts will work closely with you to ensure your data is well-prepared for these integrations.

We partner with you to build an effective skilling strategy anchored to the work and to enable AI applications in five key areas:

  • Competency models
  • Skills frameworks
  • Skills ontologies
  • Work outputs
  • Training, coaching, and mentoring

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