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Drive Change with Confidence

We know that change is constant and often intense, but it’s not all unpredictable. Today, we know that markets, talent, and technology each present big challenges and opportunities. Proactive and purposeful objective-oriented change management is a proven strategy to transform your organization and achieve your goals.

Whether you’re facing increased competition, disruption in the workplace and the workforce, or technology implementations, creating an intentional strategy to guide and govern those changes is essential. Our experience-proven change management solutions employ preventative, proactive, and responsive methods to lead change with confidence and agility to drive adoption.

Critical Components of Change

Change management has a role in every step of an initiative from solution design and development to implementation. Considering each critical component of change in every step helps ensure the development of a solution that will align with the overall objectives and ease the audience into adoption. The outcomes of change management help you achieve the people-dependent portion of your return on investment (ROI), so change management in solution design, as well as timely adoption, is critical to the realization of business results.

The Advocacy of Change

It starts at the top. Change initiatives, no matter the size, begin with leadership. Equip your leaders with the strategies, tools, and techniques to communicate and drive change.

The Individuality of Change

While an organization needs to change as one, it’s important not to lose sight of individual needs. GP Strategies provides your people with a reason, role, path, and partner to achieve individual change that aligns with the organization.

The Resistance of Change

It’s natural to resist change. GP Strategies helps teams understand and manage resistance by connecting with employees on objections, solving and removing obstacles, and providing options aligned to the change.

The Structure of Change

A strong plan for change is preventative, proactive, and responsive. From design to adoption and reinforcement, GP Strategies implements a plan that achieves success in every step of your change initiative.

Organizational Change
Begins with People and Ideas

Change management is the art and science of organizations and their people adopting new ways of thinking, believing, and acting with an emphasis on desired future realities. Our change management consulting experts help overcome resistance and lead success by:

  • Developing executive sponsorship and alignment across leadership and stakeholders.
  • Building and maturing change management practices and capabilities in your organization.
  • Developing capable leaders and high performers to drive and support strategic initiatives.
  • Building organizational resilience and enabling adaptable employees.
  • Augmenting and optimizing your strategy with expert change practitioners.

Everyone has a Role in the Change

Decades of client success have taught us that a combination of enterprise-wide and localized business-unit tactics works best for effectively adapting to change. GP Strategies has developed organizational change management tactics based on this idea utilizing our individual change model: the R2P2 Model.

R2P2 focuses on four key elements: reason, role, path, and partner. Learning, development, and growth happen at an individual level, but stakeholders at all levels have a responsibility in effective change adoption. Leaders and sponsors are the cornerstone of successful change. Ensuring they are well equipped as advocates is critical to execute change tactics with impact and to influence through the transition to the end state.

Successful Results at Speed and Scale

GP Strategies helps you produce successful outcomes when, where, and how you need them. Our change management consultants can help you with:

  • Transformational change to ensure business acquisitions, expansions, and product launches succeed
  • Cultural change to adopt new ways of working, thinking, and building culture and connection
  • Large-scale IT implementations to drive user adoption, reduce costs, optimize timelines, and achieve results
  • Organization design and restructuring to accelerate, optimize, and achieve a seamless new operation
  • Managing disruptive change when competition or new technology renders your business model outdated
  • Establishing change agility as a strategic capability and competitive advantage

Changing Cultures

How people work and learn, how consumers shop and buy, how industries compete: they’re all driven by culture.

Case Studies

Helping HSBC Handle Change

HSBC’s Global Retail Banking and Wealth Management (RBWM) Learning Academy approached GP Strategies to design an innovative training solution to help HSBC employees better manage themselves, and support their colleagues, through stressful change events.

Successful Organizational Change Management with a Major Beverage Distributor

GP Strategies provided an experienced resource who collaborated with the customer to prepare an overall change management strategy, plan, and schedule.

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