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Designing and developing innovative learning experiences that change performance.
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Organizations Flourish When Learners Thrive

To achieve ambitious goals, organizations must enable their people to perform at their best. Global competition, hybrid working, and the velocity and complexity of change all present unique challenges for your business. To adapt and respond, you need dynamic, forward-thinking strategies for learning, knowledge, and performance management.  

GP’s learning experience division has more than 800 specialists who are solely focused on defining learning strategies and creating learning content​ and experiences ​that drive behavior change,​ transform your business performance, and deliver measurable results.​

Learner-Centric Content Design and Development

With more than 50 years of experience in organizational learning, GP Strategies designs, develops, and delivers learning experiences, custom blended curriculums, courseware, certification programs, and assessment criteria designed to support your people and their learning objectives. Our flexible approach to learning content design and development includes shifting from live events to more blended solutions, improving the experience and effectiveness of eLearning, and integrating a more interactive and visual approach to content design and development.

Blending the best practices of traditional design methodologies with the iterative elements of an agile approach, we help you design and implement programs that put learners at the center of the learning experience. As a global leader in instructional learning content design, we use the latest in learning theory, content development tools, and training modes to help create the change you need while accommodating local cultures and languages.

Your Partner in Learning Transformation

For today’s workforce, traditional training doesn’t work well enough. Top-down, course heavy, one-size-for-all learning often creates a fragmented and ineffective learning experience…and disappointing results. New and truly transformative learning is engaging, blended, personalized, and learner-centric; It is social, spaced, measured, and relevant. And it works.

As a partner in your ongoing learning journey, we collaborate with you to deliver integrated, world-class learning solutions—across a range of modalities and technologies, from animation and video to games and gamification and immersive learning—that align with and support your business objectives. Our content development and delivery solutions are an integral part of a holistic learning ecosystem, where all components align to provide a consistent learning experience to enhance results.

Our Learning Content Design and Development Solutions

Unlock the true performance potential of your organization with our unparalleled learning content design and development solutions.

  • Custom eLearning

    Custom eLearning tailored to your learner’s needs, delivering reach, consistency, flexibility, and value. Elevate your workforce with engaging, impactful and relevant digital learning.
  • Blended Learning Strategies

    Blended learning uses an effective mix of learning media and channels to create meaningful learning journeys that deeply engage your learners in the flow of work. Explore how you can keep your learners engaged over time.
  • Games, Gamification, and Play for Learning

    Learning games are one of the most effective and immersive modes for learning in business. With the rise of multiplayer and AI-driven experiences, the world of gamification is evolving rapidly and driving new levels of engagement. Discover how learning games and gamification techniques can captivate your learners.
  • Immersive & XR

    Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and 360-degree videos create powerful immersive experiences that break down barriers between learning and the real world. Explore how you can immerse your learners in safe, simulated worlds for VR learning and use AR to add a rich overlay of digital information on the real world.
  • Animation

    Animation can simplify and bring clarity to complex learning challenges by creating compelling, easy to understand learning narratives. Discover how you can use creative animation to deliver experiences your learners will love.
  • Video

    Video is the most powerful and ubiquitous learning medium, combining the power of narrative, storytelling, and human perspectives to inspire positive behavior change. Enhance your digital learning with eLearning videos.
  • Compliance & ESG

    Our Compliance & ESG team serves our clients with a full spectrum of learning solutions, designed to fulfill their unique requirements and optimize their capabilities and resources.
  • Learning Measurement and Analytics

    Success in proving the effectiveness of learning has been elusive for many organizations. Many don’t know where to begin. Today, leading competitors in every industry are successfully answering vital workforce learning and development questions using the vast datasets and powerful new tools now available.

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Todays' learners are overwhelmed with content. Learn how to deliver progressive digital learning pathways to enhance DE&I training.

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