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Evolving business models, accelerating product timelines, continuing digital innovation, and rising customer expectations are driving profound changes across the mobility landscape. Infrastructure, competition, the supply chain, and distribution are changing. Forever. And so is your workforce. 

As one of the largest talent transformation solution providers  in the world, with over 50 years of broad and deep experience in the automotive industry, we have the skills and insight to drive action and deliver results for OEMs, distributors, and retailers.

One thing remains constant: The customer relationship is paramount. Employees are the key to the customer experience, and they need to be supported by leaders who nurture innovation and deftly manage change. Being relevant now requires transformation. We can help your organization shed outmoded ways of working and adopt new ways of thinking, leading, and succeeding.

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Case Studies

Explore our real-world client success stories

Enabling Omnichannel Retail Experiences

As more auto buyers opt for online shopping experiences, dealers are investing in digital selling tools to meet shifting expectations. A major OEM needed to elevate their dealers’ omnichannel experience to attract and convert online shoppers.
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Business Impact
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Less time to onboard employees

Onboarding Employees at a Major Automotive Brand

With an increased volume of new vehicles sales and parts and accessories revenue growing significantly, a major brand needed to onboard new employees. And fast.
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Business Impact
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Cost avoidance

Resolving a Persistent Product Malfunction

An assembly plant at a major OEM was struggling with vehicles that presented an intermittent engine overheating condition at final quality test.
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