Employee Engagement Survey Solutions

Build a culture that drives performance and satisfaction.

Drive Employee Engagement and Performance with Insightful Analytics

If your mission, values, and goals aren’t embedded in your organization, your workforce can become disconnected. Performance may suffer and turnover rates may climb. Developing a fully committed workforce and fostering engagement has, therefore, become necessary for growth and innovation.

Surveys can help drive accountability and the actions needed to enhance employee engagement, which ultimately improves performance. Our insightful analytics and process for action planning help managers act on findings and drive change.

Our Unique Approach to Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is a symbiotic relationship based on meeting the needs of both employees and the organization. Full engagement occurs when individuals derive maximum satisfaction from their work while contributing at a maximum level to the organization’s mission and goals.

Our approach uses a proven core survey construct to help you acquire the essential insights you need. We provide opportunities for you to customize the survey and add questions about your organizational culture and strategic priorities.

Employee engagement survey. This survey comprehensively explains employees’ perceptions of their jobs, their immediate manager, senior leadership, and current strategic priorities. The results highlight engagement levels, drivers of satisfaction and contribution, and flight risk (including retention and attrition factors).

Pulse survey. This shorter survey, typically between 5 and 15 questions, can enable you to track progress on your engagement initiatives, explore specific topics in depth, and address how well a certain initiative is embedded in or embraced by the organization.

Next Steps: Gain Perspective, Plan, and Act

After conducting your survey, our consultants help you understand your organization, report on the survey results, and plan ways to respond to its findings. These insights provide clear ways to address issues so that you can improve overall employee satisfaction and contribution.

Organizational insights. Our consultants analyze survey data to highlight insights such as organizational themes, demographics (e.g., age, tenure, gender), period-over-period trends, and benchmark comparisons. We then present our findings to key stakeholders and leadership members and recommend organization-wide actions and key areas of focus to help drive performance.

Manager insights. We provide robust and self-implementable reporting for managers. They can use our reports to understand their employees’ sentiments and act on the survey data to improve productivity and satisfaction.

Engagement portal. We believe that it is critical to not only deliver data but to provide managers with a framework for action. This site provides managers and key stakeholders access to reports and data. It includes agreed-upon demographic and manager team information, more detailed reports for senior leadership to spot trends across workgroups, and data interpretation guidelines and insights for acting on survey results.

Once teams determine focus areas and actions, they must follow up and truly act on these commitments. We provide communication templates and resources for leaders to check in with their teams. Leaders can access the latest research and a toolkit to effectively address employee needs.

Continually Drive Engagement Post-Survey

Our experts help you chart a course of action to equip key members of your workforce to own their pieces of the engagement equation. We base your customized plan of proven GP Strategies content and processes on the survey’s key findings, your strategic priorities, and any organizational constraints.

Partner with us to create a survey and communication strategy that reflects your priorities and culture.

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