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Listen to business leaders, performance improvement practitioners, and learning and development professionals discuss their work alongside new trends and best practices.

Performance Matters, GP Strategies’ award winning podcast, analyzes emerging strategies, technologies, and their applications for employee development.

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Featured Episode

Organizational Design Master Class | Essential Insights for Leaders

Organizational design is taking all of those little pieces and aligning them so that you end up with this organization that works to meet the goals that you as an organization want to achieve.
Dr. Cheryl Jackson

This episode discusses how organizational design impacts performance, likening it to a golf swing where small adjustments lead to big improvements. Chris Davis and Dr. Cheryl Jackson emphasize aligning strategy, capabilities, structure, workflow, talent, and measurement for success. They stress the need for ongoing assessment and adjustment to thrive amidst disruption.

Recent Episodes

Beyond the Parades: LGBTQ+ Inclusion in the Workplace

Although there has been progress in equality for the LGBTQ+ community, the data shows that it isn’t translating to an inclusive society or working environment.

Alasdair Scott joins the podcast to explore the question, “What do organizations stand for and how effectively are they achieving LGBTQ+ inclusion, if at all?” For those that do value inclusion, Alasdair outlines six key areas of focus to authentically support LGBTQ+ inclusion.

Building Change Networks, Driving Change Adoption

This episode explores how a change network, a volunteer group with members from all levels, can be your secret weapon. Listen to Dr. Cheryl Jackson break down the three key roles – practitioners, agents, and advocates – and how they work together to drive successful change initiatives. Plus, learn how to build a thriving network that keeps members engaged and delivers real value to your business.

Evolving Mid-Level Leaders

Mid-level leaders face unique challenges, including managing teams, balancing organizational needs with staff needs, and navigating a hybrid work environment. These leaders are often overlooked in terms of development opportunities.

Listen to the episode as Cara Halter and Joan Dasher discuss how leadership development should be personalized and provide opportunities for self-reflection and peer learning and how organizations should take a systemic approach to leadership development, creating a common language and culture.

Transformative AI in L&D

Matt Donovan and Jeff Fissel discuss AI in learning and development, from how it can go beyond basic tasks to contributing to more strategic goals. Listen and learn how AI can personalize learning experiences, help solve problems beyond just cost and time reduction, and more.

Everyday DEI: Strategies for Effective DEI in the Workplace

Research indicates that employees seek a work environment where they can express their authentic selves and feel a sense of belonging.

In this episode of the Performance Matters podcast, host Michael Thiel engages in a conversation with Alasdair Scott offering insights into implementing a DEI strategy that positively impacts your organization’s bottom line while authentically fostering inclusivity among employees. 

Navigating the 7 Challenges of eLearning in Business

Learners these days are often operating in silos, which limits the effectiveness of employee training. In order to be more effective, organizations must create opportunities for collaboration and respond to the needs of the modern learner. So, what are the challenges of eLearning, and how can we overcome them to create customized and effective eLearning experiences?

In this podcast, Michael Thiel sits down with Andrew Joly and Geoff Bloom, two renowned experts in the learning experience field. They discuss the seven key challenges in eLearning development and share valuable strategies to help overcome them.

Top 5 Best Practices for Measurement Impact

When things go wrong, they blame training. When things go well, training still rarely gets any credit.

Companies can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on training, but often are not sure how to measure its impact.

Listen to Dr. Bonnie Beresford share how she cracked the code to learn the what, the why, and the how of measurement and the top 5 best practices you should use for your training measurement.

The Best of 2023

Listen to highlights from select conversations on artificial intelligence (AI), from voice synthesized AI personalities discussing what AI means to how it will impact the human roles in business.

Learn how the power of storytelling can create authenticity in connection in a world filled with technologies and the distance those technologies can sometimes create.

Discover how coaching can help fight career fear and how new generations are learning and their expectations for learning programs at work.

This episode is a treasure trove of inspiring interviews and a healthy dose of future-facing optimism. You won’t want to miss it!

Tying Technology Change Management to Business Results

Organizational change management (OCM) plays a pivotal role in tech transformations. Successful adoption goes beyond technology installation, necessitating a robust OCM strategy.

In this episode, Ellen Kumar shares valuable insights on how change leaders can advocate for early OCM involvement, explores the quantifiable outcomes tied directly to change management, and outlines the transformative power of concise and effective OCM in technology implementations.

Public Sector Spotlight: Bridging Employee Engagement & Impact

With government employees 15% less engaged compared to “best-in-class” organizations, it’s time to put the public sector in the spotlight. What trends are we seeing in the industry? How do government structures differ from other corporate environments? What do their employees need today and in the future?

Join GP’s Annie McManusCaitlyn Strunk, and County of San Mateo’s Conrad Fernandes as they discuss navigating the challenges unique to government organizations.

Gamification 2.0: How Game-Based Learning Strategies are Levelling Up

Over the last few years we’ve seen a dramatic shift in the way our clients are using gamification with real intention. Not a gimmick or just something different to grab attention, but with a specific behavioural goal in mind for a specific audience. What does this mean for the kinds of games and gamified learning we’re making, and what benefits has this created for our clients and learners?

In this podcast, Micheal Thiel is joined by two active practitioners in the learning experience space, Rich Calcutt and Emma Jourdan of the GP Strategies Learning Experience Team, who share insights on gamification 2.0 and how game-based learning strategies are levelling up.

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Award Winning Episode

In this episode of the podcast, Tom Pizer joins the show to discuss how the Metaverse is changing the way organizations will interface with their learners. Watch and experience what VR has to offer, from interacting with the simulated environment to showcasing various opportunities to deliver learning.

Virtual reality and the Metaverse can be effective with hard skills development, to develop skills in a safe and effective way. However, it can also be used for developing very important soft skills.”

Tom Pizer

Meet the Host

Michael Thiel

With nearly two decades of thought leadership in corporate L&D, Michael Thiel has a passion for developing experiential learning that “sticks”. Working on the agency side, Michael has directed award-winning content for some of the most admired brands in the world, including: Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, Toyota, Honda, Acura, BMW, Kia, and Sub-Zero Group.

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