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GP Strategies’ award winning podcast features content on emerging strategies, technologies, and their applications for talent transformation and employee development.

Listen to business leaders, performance improvement practitioners, and learning and development professionals discuss their work alongside new trends and best practices.

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Featured Episode

Any potential issue is a training issue. Everyone wants something included and as a result, learning teams end up with a bunch of information, often ending up with an over-engineered training solution.
Scott Barber

We are in the age of velocity of information. Overwhelming people with data is a challenge. The IT industry calls it Big Data and is constantly struggling with how to reduce vast data sets down into understandable information.

Listen to Scott Barber and Michael Thiel discuss the science of delivering information to learners effectively, from designing for what learners actually need to the “training vs. learning” problem and how individual performance leads to business performance.

Recent Episodes

With the emergence of generative AI, every company will be impacted. To face this challenge, companies need to decide how they will approach AI.

The first step is to ramp up employees’ understanding of generative AI concepts and tools and then ensure they are being used responsibly.

Learn about four ways to harness AI in your enterprise from Matt Donovan and Sanchita Sur, CEO of Emplay.

Technical skills are in high demand. while workers flock to information-economy desk jobs, organizations in trade industries like energy and automotive are really struggling to fill all their open technical roles. Listen to Roger Boisse discuss how organizations can craft a successful technical workforce and how technical skills can be taught and developed, even among those who come from nontechnical backgrounds.

When you think of compliance training, what experiences come to mind? Listen to Andrew Joly interview Dr Elizabeth Hornby about the poor perception of compliance training and how to approach it in a different way to drive performance.

Listen to Andrew Joly and Ella Richardson discuss the future of learning. Join the conversation to uncover innovative approaches that deliver fresh and engaging content to learners.

It’s not a revelation that organizations fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) see better financial outcomes, innovate faster, and retain employees better. No organization can truly be considered successful without a meaningful DEI framework. How many companies are investing in the activities that truly make a difference? We need to focus on what makes a DEI program successful and how organizations can ensure DEI sustainability.

Discover the paradoxes in driving factors for career fulfillment and development. Listen and uncover the diverse drivers of job satisfaction beyond compensation and promotions.

Learning experiences have evolved drastically in response to recent disruptions. Learn about the art and science behind optimizing digital learning experiences.

“Employers leave managers not companies,” say Stephane Panier and Karen Benz from BetterManager. Learn the importance of executive coaching, its impact on the company’s productivity and employee morale, and coaching strategies that actually work.

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Award Winning Episode

In this episode of the podcast, Tom Pizer joins the show to discuss how the Metaverse is changing the way organizations will interface with their learners. Watch and experience what VR has to offer, from interacting with the simulated environment to showcasing various opportunities to deliver learning.

Virtual reality and the Metaverse can be effective with hard skills development, to develop skills in a safe and effective way. However, it can also be used for developing very important soft skills.”

Tom Pizer

Meet the Host

Michael Thiel

With nearly two decades of thought leadership in corporate L&D, Michael Thiel has a passion for developing experiential learning that “sticks”. Working on the agency side, Michael has directed award-winning content for some of the most admired brands in the world, including: Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, Toyota, Honda, Acura, BMW, Kia, and Sub-Zero Group.

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