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What Does Success Look Like for a Digital Learning Experience?

Digital learning has exploded in popularity over the last several years. As we collectively move away from simple virtual learning and toward building more complex digital learning ecosystems, conversations about what “good” looks like have naturally become a point of conversation.

However, there is no one-size-fits-all answer for success in a digital learning experience. It undoubtedly varies from organization to organization, but it can even vary significantly among individuals within the same organization. To truly gauge what success looks like, we must first deeply consider the goals of our program and then craft a tailored measurement strategy that aligns with them.

Establishing a Measurement Strategy: Assess Your Goals

To establish your measurement strategy, consider what’s truly essential for your company. Some popular goals are to:

  • Save money
  • Enable faster competency development
  • Expand the breadth of learning opportunities
  • Ensure the engagement of a diverse range of learners

Your organization can and should build a measurement strategy to gauge the success of these initiatives. But even though the primary goal for your digital learning experience may vary, a universal cornerstone of success is always the learner experience.

Gauging whether you deliver a seamless learner experience means examining whether learners are genuinely engaging with the content—how many clicks an article receives, how long participants invest in a knowledge check, and how many learners complete the program. Monitoring participation drop-offs (and pinpointing when they occur) and post-program surveys can also provide invaluable insights. Whether you achieve success should also be fueled by the viewpoint and perspective of moderators and the delivery team, all of whom play a vital role in shaping the overall experience.

Enhancing the Digital Learning Experience

Have you considered what success means for your next learning initiative? For more information about delivering great digital learning experiences, check out our latest podcast, Enhancing and Optimizing Digital Learning Experiences Through Delivery Functions.

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