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If you’re passionate about helping others achieve optimal performance and looking for both fulfillment and challenge in your career, GP Strategies would like to hear from you. We’ve been a global leader in training, consulting and engineering since 1966, and

Webinar Q&A | Can You Say That Again? Spaced Learning for Improved Knowledge Retention

With the increased pressure of employees to constantly learn and evolve, the need for retention is more important than ever. How can you address critical knowledge retention and improvement of skills when you do not have the luxury of immediate

CAPABILITIES: An Often Overlooked Strategic Management Tool

The free market teaches business leaders the tenet of winning. Advancement, compensation, and sometimes fame are rewards for excelling. Business leaders are beholden to stockholders to squeeze out more profits and push boundaries in the pursuit of constant growth. Capability

Webinar Q&A | That’s a Wrap! Contextualizing Curated Content for Your Organization

Content curation is all the rage these days, but what does it REALLY mean? We’re evaluated on the performance of our employees, we are expected to propel performance, often with limited budgets, and with growing numbers of internal clients whose

Establishing New Balance for Today’s Workplace

Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People has become a life-altering book for many. In that book, Covey advises prioritizing one’s time by balancing urgency and importance. He presents a grid with four quadrants. Items in quadrant I

Forecasting Success: Learning Trends for 2017

Each year, the cache of tools available to corporate learning departments grows and matures through the advent of new technologies, innovative ideas, and the maturation of existing strategies. As learning leaders, it’s our job to stay on top of these

Webinar Q&A | Creating Sticky Learning With Low-Cost AR Solutions

The learning space is changing; just-in-time learning demands are on the rise as the workforce evolves and organizations aim to decrease employees’ time to productivity. As learning professionals, we need to adapt and create learning solutions that are composed of

Webinar Q&A | Harnessing the Power of Differentiated, Personalized, and Adaptive Learning Systems

Organizations are facing increasing pressure to reduce employees’ time to proficiency while increasing the strategically relevant content that enables them to perform. To help achieve this goal, consider implementing learning systems that are designed to be differentiated, personalized, or adaptive.

Video: How to Measure Performance

Trying to figure out what to measure around performance is a very important exercise to support evidence based decision making. While you have to consider where the data takes you it’s important to observe behaviors and look at the desired

The Best of 2016: 50 Years of Learning

Throughout 2016, GP Strategies has been celebrating 50 years of helping organizations shape their competitive edge through performance improvement. Times have changed, and we’re proud to have helped lead the way. What hasn’t changed is our focus on people and

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