Webinar Q&A | How Reliability Excellence Can Help You Reduce Costs and Eliminate Waste

Organizations today are under constant pressure to reduce costs and eliminate waste. It’s estimated that U.S. industries needlessly waste in excess of $200 to $500 billion each year because of unreliability due to lost opportunities, poor product quality, scrap, and

Video Blog | Contextualizing Mobile Learning

Context is critical in any type of training initiative, but might be a bit more difficult to achieve when working to deploy a new mobile learning strategy. GP Strategies’ Ann Rollins recently suggested that beacon technology might be the best

A New Spin on Neuroscience in Learning

Neuroscience has turned into a buzzword of sorts in the corporate learning community, but are leaders properly understanding this trend? {marker} Hi there, and welcome to the GP Strategies blog. An article shared by The Association for Talent Development recently

It’s Time for a Change: The New Building Blocks of Human Capital Management

As the human resources field continues to evolve, companies are increasingly realizing the intrinsic value of their employees and the role they play in initiative success, productivity, and engagement.

Webinar Q&A | Leading Collaborative Learning Groups to Success

Organizations are harnessing the power of collaborative teams to solve business challenges. Applying a similar approach in your learning solutions can promote transfer to the workplace. Much guidance is available on how to set up groups for success, but what

What Do You Do with Outcomes?—Equipping

In our last post, we discussed how to leverage outcomes as the focal point for designing and developing training programs. In this post, we will talk about another key way to use outcomes to drive both individual and organizational performance:

So What Do You Do with Outcomes?

Over the last year, we’ve spent a lot of time discussing outcomes. We’ve talked about what they are, how to map them to a specific role, and what difference focusing on outcomes can make to an organization. Let’s assume you’ve

What Do You Do with Outcomes?—Training

You’ve made the leap and mapped the outcomes for your critical roles. Now what? In this installment of our mini-series, we discuss the use of outcomes for designing and developing training programs. Most corporate training programs focus on building large

CULTIVATING CURIOSITY: Four Words to Help Make Learning a Lifestyle

I work to develop and train leaders. That means that I do work in diversity and inclusion; I do work in leadership development; I do work in coaching, employee engagement, team dynamics, and all things learning. And one thing that

Three Tips for Taking Control of Your Personal Development

If you’re like most people, your employer provides an array of learning and development tools. After all, they need to have the right people in the right jobs with the right skills at the right time. It’s in their best

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