Taking a Holistic Approach to Operational Excellence

Risk management. Process improvement. Operational excellence. Whatever you call it, organizations of every type strive to optimize their people and processes to increase productivity, eliminate waste, and achieve sustainable improvements to critical business key performance indicators (KPIs). The goal is

The Power of Risk Mitigation – Are You In Control?

Risk! It comes in many shapes and sizes—financial risk, operational risk, insurance risk, natural event risks, and more. We like to compartmentalize risk and assign values or levels. Risk is broadly defined as a function of the probability of an

Webinar Q&A | The Future Workplace Experience: Prepare for Disruptions in the Future of Learning and Working

The future is coming and it’s not waiting for you or your company. In times of constant and accelerated change, organizations must prepare for the future workforce and workplace. I recently partnered with GP Strategies for an ATD sponsored webinar

Talent Strategy Key to CapEx Success

In today’s world of mega-sized Capital Expenditure (CapEx) projects is an alarming number of projects that fall short of both budgetary and scheduling expectations. At GP Strategies, we have had the privilege of supporting CapEx initiatives for over 50 years

Four Key Tips to Blended Technical Training

Typically, a combination of both theory and hands-on methods is used for training a technical workforce. While this approach has been successful for many years, changes due to the aging workforce are pushing organizations to think differently about training their

Sourcing the Best Local Talent, Wherever You Roam.

From maintaining consistent practices across all operations to leveraging existing infrastructure to implementing solutions worldwide, global businesses present many challenges to learning professionals. One of the issues we see frequently is the challenge of sourcing locally within multiple global regions.

Video | Shifting to Performance Improvement Involves Risk Taking

To shift from a training mentality to a performance improvement oriented system, you’re naturally going to assume some risk. You can go the safer route and create check the box content, or develop training that the learner can perform and

Using Communications to Encourage Participation in Optional Training Initiatives

Most training professionals in the corporate world have a pretty clear path when it comes to delivering mission-critical training initiatives. When a new sales tool or customer service tactic is introduced, everyone to whom the training is relevant is required

Webinar Q&A | Achieving Operational Readiness in Your CapEx Project

With more than 64% of Capital Expenditure (CapEx) projects going over budget and 73% delayed beyond schedule, where does your project stand? By addressing human factors, procedures, and processes early in a capital project plan, successful transitioning and startup can

Video: Changing Behavior by Focusing Learning at the Point of Performance

Until you start to change the daily behaviors, you’re not going to change the end results. Think about trying to design at the point of performance instead of the point of training. Get more insights from Matt Donovan, Vice President

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