The Human Side of Digital Transformation | Part I

In the first of our four-part education series on the human side of digital transformation, we are going to discuss the basics of digital transformation, introduce smart data, and discuss the impact of cloud on your front-line workers. Digital Transformation

Where’s My Data?

So you have SAP’s SaaS Learning module and you’re extra happy with it. But now that you’ve moved off premise into the cloud, your shiny business intelligence tool is starving for data. There’s no easy way to pull bulk data

Learning 3.0

Learning 3.0 is a rapid blend of what is happening in our personal and consumer lives with the corporate education space. If you just think about your everyday experiences in terms of personalized interaction, on-demand gratification, and seemingly limitless information—this

Are you ready to go mobile?

I feel old when I long for the days when I had to carry a quarter in case I needed to make a phone call and was completely free and unreachable. While I’m not sure my parents felt the same

Five Schoolhouse Rock! Learning Strategies You Should Be Using

As learning professionals, we are always looking for new ways to make our learning solutions more effective in order to meet expected learning outcomes. As the industry changes and new trends emerge, we often find ourselves so focused on specific

Webinar Q&A | In a Learning 3.0 World, Context Is King

In a world where access to online content, training, MOOCs, and “friends and experts” is unprecedented, traditional approaches to fostering role growth and development are no longer enough. Learning organizations must reevaluate how they equip and develop today’s modern learner.

A Spotlight on OSHA’s Requirement for Mobile Crane Operator Certification

In an episode of HBO’s Westworld, two characters consider if an abnormality is a good thing or a bad thing: “Does that make this a glass-half-full or half-empty type situation?” “We’re engineers. It means the glass has been manufactured to

Put Your Career on the Map and Join our Team

If you’re passionate about helping others achieve optimal performance and looking for both fulfillment and challenge in your career, GP Strategies would like to hear from you. We’ve been a global leader in training, consulting and engineering since 1966, and

Webinar Q&A | Can You Say That Again? Spaced Learning for Improved Knowledge Retention

With the increased pressure of employees to constantly learn and evolve, the need for retention is more important than ever. How can you address critical knowledge retention and improvement of skills when you do not have the luxury of immediate

CAPABILITIES: An Often Overlooked Strategic Management Tool

The free market teaches business leaders the tenet of winning. Advancement, compensation, and sometimes fame are rewards for excelling. Business leaders are beholden to stockholders to squeeze out more profits and push boundaries in the pursuit of constant growth. Capability

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