Video | The Importance of Evaluation and Measurement

“Having an evaluation and measurement plan that doesn’t just focus on the training metrics, but makes that full connection back to the business, is one of the most powerful decisions.” – Matt Donovan, Vice President of Learning Solutions

Converting Qualitative Data Into Quantitative Data

In the previous blogs in this series, I introduced the role data plays in decision-making (Part 1), the importance of having a data strategy (Part 2), and how to use multiple data sources in that data strategy (Part 3). As

Data Strategy: Various Sources of Data

A good data strategy collects data from a variety of sources. This compilation of data from multiple sources provides a broader and richer understanding of what is going on and why. Some data may provide macro trends. Other data may

Video: Using Storytelling for Performance Improvement

Matt Donovan, Vice President of Learning Solutions for GP Strategies, explores how storytelling helps connect learners to content and goals, resulting in improved performance.  

Beginning With Data Strategy

Data is more accessible today than ever before in history. Since the advent of the Internet, we now have a whole new generation that is native to this kind of technology. Not only are they comfortable with this technology, but

Data and Decision-Making

I recently consulted on a Learning and Development (L&D) project for a major retail company with over 130,000 employees. We ran into a situation where a survey was administered, collecting over 5,000 verbatim responses. What data should be used to

Developing a Roadmap for Agile Projects

Throughout the training industry, the words “Agile” and “Agile project” are bandied about a lot these days. But what does it mean? Agile is a concept developed by the software development industry for complex projects where there is a high

Defining Good, Delivering Great: The Importance of Setting and Exceeding Expectations for Customer Satisfaction

Defining Good, Delivering Great. What does that really mean? To most it means delivering a great work product, whatever it may be that you are producing. To me it also means delivering a great experience while developing the work product.

The Customer Experience: From Ordinary to Extraordinary

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Those who truly understand the concept of the customer experience conduct business in alignment with

Initiative-Based Outcomes

In a recent post, we talked about how an outcomes-based approach enables companies to rearrange roles by simply shifting outcomes between roles. Reassigning outcomes to different people makes it easy to restructure jobs because of changing conditions such as corporate

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