Using Communications to Encourage Participation in Optional Training Initiatives

Most training professionals in the corporate world have a pretty clear path when it comes to delivering mission-critical training initiatives. When a new sales tool or customer service tactic is introduced, everyone to whom the training is relevant is required

Webinar Q&A | Achieving Operational Readiness in Your CapEx Project

With more than 64% of Capital Expenditure (CapEx) projects going over budget and 73% delayed beyond schedule, where does your project stand? By addressing human factors, procedures, and processes early in a capital project plan, successful transitioning and startup can

Video: Changing Behavior by Focusing Learning at the Point of Performance

Until you start to change the daily behaviors, you’re not going to change the end results. Think about trying to design at the point of performance instead of the point of training. Get more insights from Matt Donovan, Vice President

Data: Test and Learn Strategy

Businesses go through natural cycles. Often the depth and peaks of these cycles are a reflection of how the business responds to its competition or environmental influences (e.g., changing laws, changing regulations). During difficult, high-pressure times when the business needs

Making Qualitative Data Count

Having data and completing your analysis is worthless unless you can communicate the information in such a way that it will be easily consumed and is actionable. In Part 4 of this blog series, I demonstrated a technique to convert

Video | The Importance of Evaluation and Measurement

“Having an evaluation and measurement plan that doesn’t just focus on the training metrics, but makes that full connection back to the business, is one of the most powerful decisions.” – Matt Donovan, Vice President of Learning Solutions

Converting Qualitative Data Into Quantitative Data

In the previous blogs in this series, I introduced the role data plays in decision-making (Part 1), the importance of having a data strategy (Part 2), and how to use multiple data sources in that data strategy (Part 3). As

Data Strategy: Various Sources of Data

A good data strategy collects data from a variety of sources. This compilation of data from multiple sources provides a broader and richer understanding of what is going on and why. Some data may provide macro trends. Other data may

Video: Using Storytelling for Performance Improvement

Matt Donovan, Vice President of Learning Solutions for GP Strategies, explores how storytelling helps connect learners to content and goals, resulting in improved performance.  

Beginning With Data Strategy

Data is more accessible today than ever before in history. Since the advent of the Internet, we now have a whole new generation that is native to this kind of technology. Not only are they comfortable with this technology, but

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