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AI Readiness, Integration & Support

Transform your learning organization with responsible AI integration.

As the world’s leading talent transformation partner, we are dedicated to helping businesses realize the transformative potential of AI and how it impacts their learning organizations.

AI Readiness

We partner with organizations at three critical stages of AI readiness and integration:

AI Skills | Equip your people with the knowledge, skills, and expertise to use AI technologies.

AI Integration | Get started with AI by preparing your learning content and systems and adding tailored AI technologies into your workflows.

AI Elevation and Optimization | Upgrade existing AI technologies and ensure you’re getting the most out of your systems and processes.

AI Consulting Services

Assess your AI needs and make a plan to achieve your goals. Our AI consulting solutions include analysis, alignment, recommendations, execution, and measurement.

AI Learning Solutions

Unlock your learning content and do what you couldn’t before. Go from static to dynamic learning content. Our solutions include faster content design, optimized content libraries at scale, and more.

Learning Content AIQ

We built our solution from decades of learning experience. Learning Content AIQ includes an expert team of learning professionals utilizing our AI tool to map your learning data and generate information based on your content.

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AI Training Program

Human+AI: Practical AI for Learning Leaders

Equip your learning leaders with the knowledge and skills to effectively use AI within your organization, learning and development function, and work.

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AI for Everyone Academy (Technical and Non-Technical Teams)

Provide your people with the basic knowledge and capabilities to utilize AI tools to increase productivity and drive value.

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AI Enterprise Skilling

Build an effective skilling strategy that is accurate, flexible, anchored to the work, and will enable AI applications.

AI Technology Implementation

Empower your people with expert strategies that focus on the human, not just the technology. We provide the framework, execution, and measurement to drive adoption and change management.

Artificial intelligence in learning

Customer Story: An AI-Powered Learning Transformation

AICPA & CIMA needed to make their course content more discoverable and deliver more value for their 600,000 members. GP Strategies and LTG implemented a new learning ecosystem with an AI-powered solution that optimized the learning content library of about 3,000 courses and brought disparate systems together. Ultimately, the solution reclaimed $2.5M per year and delivered an improved learner and administrator experience.

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We are dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of AI advancements and sharing our knowledge and expertise with you to make navigating the overwhelming world of AI as accessible and digestible as possible.


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