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Stay ahead of the curve in talent transformation with the latest insights and updates on how artificial intelligence is impacting corporate learning.

The Future is Artificial Intelligence Guided by Humans

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is shaping industries and revolutionizing the way we live, work, and interact. Organizations need to stay ahead of AI disruption by upskilling their people for the human-powered AI future.

Learn how to use AI effectively and responsibly. We are working with our vast partner organizations to develop best practices and strategic advantages of how to integrate AI.

It is essential to understand how and where AI can fit into the workplace. Our team is dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of AI advancements and sharing our knowledge and expertise with you to make navigating the overwhelming world of AI as accessible and digestible as possible.

This space explores the latest trends, developments, and opportunities in AI—all in one place.

The Learning Leader’s Human+AI Handbook

How prepared are your employees for working in the age of intelligence? How prepared is your organization to integrate AI technologies for your employees? 

The Leader’s Human+AI Handbook is a resource to identify and map your organization’s opportunities to implement AI effectively and ethically.

AI is not just about doing things better and faster. It also gives us the opportunity to do things we were not able to do before.
Chief Learning and Innovation Officer, Matt Donovan

From AI Vs. Human to Human-Powered AI

A woman works at her computer representing AI in L&D.

Unleash the Power of Human+AI: 4 Takeaways of AI in L&D

Discover the latest insights from our AI client forum. Read our recap from two lively days of learning, including a look at the evolution of enterprise skilling with AI, how AI is creating more dynamic learning content libraries, plus tips on how to alleviate AI uncertainty within your workforce.

A woman works with digital technologies, representing three crucial strategies for seamless integration of generative AI.

Preparing your Business for Generative AI: 3 Crucial Strategies for Seamless Integration

Did you know that half of AI projects stall at the pilot stage? Learn how aligning purpose, strategy, and stakeholders, crafting an engagement plan, and evaluating organizational risks can guarantee a higher rate of AI adoption success.

The Human Roles and Skills of an AI Future

Listen to Jeff Fissel from LTG and Matt Donovan from GP discuss where humans fit into an AI future. In this episode, they explore how organizations are using AI and what boundaries are emerging, AI assistants, AI fails and cautionary tales, and the human roles and responsibilities of a world full of AI assistants.

AI, Web 3.0, and Other Innovations Shaping the Future of Learning

With our friends at eLearn Magazine, Stephen Ladek and Matt Donovan discuss what’s in the near future for L&D, what strategies, processes, and tech are really taking off, when to test innovative new projects, and how infrastructure is changing with AI.

The Business Case for Learning: The 3% Rule for Investment for 2024 Training Budgets

As we potentially face a new era in technology and human productivity with the introduction of generative AI, we must consider our investment in preparing people through training.

AI’s Impact on Storytelling: Can It Replicate Human Experiences?

Can AI truly emulate the human experience? Dive into the pros and cons of using AI for storytelling and learn how to infuse AI into your narratives and elevate your storytelling game.

The Responsible Use of AI

A digital cloud above a processor, the banner image for Using AI Responsibly

Using AI Responsibly in Your Work

The free versions of generative AI like ChatGPT, YouChat, and Google Bard are powerful tools, but what boundaries do we need to create to use them safely? Discover how you can engage with generative AI while protecting yourself, your company, and your clients.

The People-Centric Approach: Guiding Principles for Responsible AI Use

With the emergence of generative AI technology, we are presented with both new possibilities and obligations. We are committed to responsibly channeling its full potential.

Leveraging the Impact of AI in L&D

What ChatGPT and Generative AI Could Mean for Learning

Discover what ChatGPT and Generative AI are, how they work, and how they will affect the learning and talent development industry. Learn more from Karie Willyerd and her experience with Sourabh Bajaj, CTO of CoRise, and the GSVVentures Workforce Insights Board.

Taming the AI Beast: How Artificial Intelligence Can Optimize L&D

While the growth of the AI beast may feel unstoppable, L&D professionals can do more than simply wait and see where it sits. In fact, they have the means to tame it.

Three Checkpoints When Using AI in Designing Learning

With AI so glaringly inhuman, how can this machine resource contribute to an organization’s behavioral change and cultural transformation? Published in Training Journal, learn how AI can be a tool that boosts a learning team’s productivity and enhances that wonderous human potential when used alongside subject matter experts.

Follow Michael Thiel on a learning journey to discover if ChatGPT can create a PowerPoint. See the end product and the pros and cons.

Can ChatGPT Create a Professional PowerPoint Presentation? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Follow Michael Thiel as he walks through the process and demonstrates the pros and cons of using ChatGPT to help create your next slide deck.

AI Adoption in the Workplace

Digital Chatbot Robot

4 Ways To Harness AI In Your Enterprise

Listen to Matt Donovan and Sanchita Sur from Emplay explore the current AI landscape and provide insights on four effective strategies for optimizing AI within your organization.

Four people work together, the banner for a state of belonging: staying curious and building connection in pride month and beyond

It’s Intelligent, But Is It Inclusive? Benefits and Drawbacks of AI for DEI

AI continues to provide vast opportunities and is being implemented in different areas of business. Discover the pros of leveraging AI for diversity, equity, and inclusion as well as how to handle drawbacks like programming bias.

The One Sure Thing You Can Do Now to Prepare for an AI Future

The one thing you can do to prepare now for future AI implementations is to organize your data. Well-organized data allows AI to identify information more effectively, providing your organization with valuable insights. Learn the steps you can take to ready yourself for the future of AI.

Why Enterprises Need a Rules-Based Chatbot Platform

AI-driven chatbots like ChatGPT have dominated the headlines in 2023, but enterprises are realizing the need for a rules-based platform to control the user experience, personalize messaging for their people and ensure that content is kept safe and secure. Learn more from Vince Han of Mobile Coach.

AI Tools and Use Cases

5 AI Tools to Help the Learning Experience

5 AI Tools to Help the Learning Experience

AI can revolutionize the way we think about and implement learner experiences. Learn about five #AI tools to help develop learning from Dawn Stapert.

Harnessing AI Tools for Productivity and Creativity

Dive into the exciting world of podcasting and learn how artificial intelligence tools can help improve workflows and even synthesize human voices and scripts.

AI tools for scenario development

Develop Scenarios Quickly with AI-Powered Tools

Any instructional designer who has wanted to use scenarios to make learning more relevant, impactful, and engaging has experienced the blank “page” of writer’s block. Here are five AI tools to help.

A friendly robot helper waves to you and represents chatbots in learning. Your learning assistant.

A Quick Guide to Chatbots for Learning in the Age of AI

Chatbots can be powerful AI learning tools. Discover everything from the history of chatbots and the most common types to how you can harness the benefits of them for your learners.

8 ChatGPT Prompts to Finish Hours of Work in Seconds

Published in Forbes, learn how to use AI as a copilot for preparation and ideation. Use it for those grunt work tasks that you don’t really enjoy.

A person stares out a window at the painting starry night, the banner image for AI to Generate Images

Using AI to Generate Images for Learning

Learning professionals no longer have to rely on preexisting photos. Now, they can use AI to generate images for their individual needs. Follow an experiment with three different image prompts using Midjourney.

A man sits and laughs in response to a question.

5 AI Tools to Foster a More Inclusive Work Environment for Neurodiverse Learners

Neurodiversity, with its array of cognitive conditions, requires innovative approaches to learning and communication. Discover how organizations are leveraging this diversity for enhanced engagement and productivity, aided by emerging AI tools.

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