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Stay ahead of the curve in talent transformation with the latest insights and updates on how artificial intelligence is impacting corporate learning.

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Learning

In today’s ever-evolving digital landscape, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a transformative force, shaping industries and revolutionizing the way we live, work, and interact.

We believe that understanding AI is essential for our customers, as it allows you to stay ahead of the curve and seize new opportunities in this rapidly changing environment. And as the world’s leading talent transformation partner, we’re in the business of helping you navigate change and disruption with confidence.

Our team is dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of AI advancements and sharing our knowledge and expertise with you to make navigating the overwhelming world of AI as accessible and digestible as possible. By launching this AI Resource Center, we’re creating a space where you can explore the latest trends, developments, and opportunities in AI—all in one place.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Listen to how AI defines AI.

We created Digital Matt Donovan to demonstrate and explain the various ways to categorize and define artificial intelligence. Watch the video.

Although a deep interest in AI isn’t necessary for everyone, being knowledgeable about these aspects is extremely beneficial when engaging with AI and thinking about its future in the workplace.
Digital Matt Donovan

AI Tools to Create Learning Content

Featured Content

Explore our expertly curated selection of webinars, articles, and podcasts to stay up-to-date on the latest AI trends and insights.

Digital Chatbot Robot

NEW! PODCAST Episode #120 | 4 Ways To Harness AI In Your Enterprise

Join Matt Donovan and Sanchita Sur from Emplay, AI thought leaders, on the latest episode of the Performance Matters podcast where they explore the current AI landscape and provide insights on four effective strategies for optimizing AI within your organization.

Follow Michael Thiel on a learning journey to discover if ChatGPT can create a PowerPoint. See the end product and the pros and cons.

NEW! BLOG | Can ChatGPT Create a Professional PowerPoint Presentation? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Can ChatGPT help you create your next professional PowerPoint Presentation and save you time? Follow Michael Thiel as he walks through the process and demonstrates the pros and cons of using ChatGPT for your next slide deck.

NEW! ARTICLE by Karie Willyerd | The One Sure Thing You Can Do Now to Prepare for an AI Future

The one thing you can do to prepare now for future AI implementations is to organize your data. Well-organized data allows AI algorithms to identify patterns, correlations, and anomalies more effectively, providing the organization with valuable insights and forecasts. Learn about the steps you can take to ready yourself for the future of AI.

BLOG by Eric Myers | AI’s Impact on Storytelling: Can It Replicate Human Experiences?

Can AI truly emulate the human experience? Dive into our latest blog and discover the pros and cons of using AI for storytelling. Learn how to infuse AI into your narratives and elevate your storytelling game.

A friendly robot helper waves to you and represents chatbots in learning. Your learning assistant.

ARTICLE by Ellen Schmidt and Theodora Michaelidou | A Quick Guide to Chatbots for Learning in the Age of AI

Let’s take a journey into the rich history of chatbots. Discover the evolution of chatbots, how they can be used as powerful learning tools, examples of prompts, and the three types of chatbots available.

A digital cloud above a processor, the banner image for Using AI Responsibly

BLOG by Lorraine Frazier-Aich | Using AI Responsibly in Your Work

The free versions of generative AI like ChatGPT, YouChat, and Google Bard are powerful tools, but what boundaries do we need to create to use them safely. Check out our newest publication and discover key ways you can engage with generative AI while protecting yourself, your company, and your clients.

Factors to Consider in Addressing the Impact of Generative AI
Our 6 “Ps” Framework

light orange circle with white pyramid icon


Implications for industry-level disruption and market competitiveness

Dark orange circle with white paper and rosette with money in centre icon


Organization-level review of vulnerable businesses

berry coloured circle with finger pressing button icon in white


Products and services offered by the organization

mint coloured circle with white magnifying glass over graph icon


Opportunities for
efficiency gains

aqua circle with shield and white tick icon


Threats or risks posed to security or intellectual property

Blue circle with white three people icon


Job disruption and new skilling requirements

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