Program and Project Management

Set your vision. Build your team. Develop and implement your solution.

Proven Program and Project Management Approaches to Drive Business Success

Staying competitive means investing in new programs and projects to help drive organizational success. Creating a quality program or project management framework is a proven strategy to help reduce risks and increase the likelihood of success. According to the latest Project Management Pulse of the Profession report, high-performing organizations that rely on project management tactics complete 90% or more of their projects on time, on budget, and to scope.

If you’re preparing to roll out a new program or project, our proven approach can help you achieve your desired business outcomes.

Critical Components of Program and Project Management

It is important to understand the difference between a program and a project. A program is large in scale and broken down into related projects. A project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to develop business solutions that drive business results. Regardless of how the effort is organized as a program or a project, the fundamentals remain. While many organizations focus on structural aspects of program and project management, our experts recognize the importance of defining a vision, building a team, and providing a structure that enables the team for success.

The fundamentals of our program and project management framework consist of:


You can’t plan a journey without first identifying your destination. Our experts work with you to create a clear statement of intent that outlines the main purpose of your initiative. We work with you from the beginning to help you define your vision and desired business outcomes. We then partner with you to ensure that the team and key stakeholders are focused on the same objectives, helping you clarify the direction, roles, and expectations. This is the first step in setting the team up for success.


People are crucial to a program’s or project’s success. The goal is to build a high performing team focused on your vision. This means assembling a cross-functional team tasked with delivering value and ensuring that even though this is the first time they’ve worked together, they are enabled for success. We work to accelerate the process of moving the new team through Tuckman’s Stages of Group Development. It is critical that the team is supported as it moves from forming to performing. This is what makes a successful program or project.


Our team of experts focus on creating quality solutions with a keen eye on adoption. Mindful of everyone’s needs, we provide a structured framework for success. Managing scope, schedule, costs, communication, quality, and risk, our proven approach ensures effective implementation of any program or project.

A Model of Success

GP Strategies offers valuable program and project management services for initiatives of all sizes. Our client-focused approach can help you capitalize on your investment and ensure that your project is a success.

  • Providing program/project practitioners to staff, augment, drive, and help deliver your initiatives.
  • Build enterprise capability – building, growing, and maturing a program or project management practice and capability in your organization.
  • Develop and establish a PMO Office that enables your organization to set PM standards, provide governance, and strategic alignment that fosters consistent, efficient, and successful delivery.

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