Optimize Your Training for Mobile Devices and Increase Productivity

If your content is not optimized for mobile devices, your end-user experience may fall flat for the new year. Mobile compatible training content is also a great way to reach your varied learners and their increasingly mobile lifestyle. Evidence suggests

Reach Your Learners through Data to Better Understand Their Needs

As we move into 2018, much of our focus is on technology but with all of the great innovation we’re implementing, we need to make sure we don’t lose sight of the learner. It’s easy to chase the bright and

Using Interactive Video to Enhance the Employee Experience

I’ve worked for GP Strategies for 11 years. But it was only this year that I went to our corporate headquarters in Columbia, Maryland, for the first time. I work remotely and never, until recently, had a reason to step

Using Digital Twin Technology for a Competitive Advantage

According to Gartner, digital twins (DTs) are a Top 10 Strategic Technology Trend of 2017. A DT is a virtual representation of a physical object, typically an industrial asset and sometimes an industrial process. It mimics all potential operating scenarios

A Spotlight on Digital Transformation in the Global Energy Industry

Throughout science fiction, we’ve seen or read about predictions in engineering concepts and other innovations. From ideas such as Star Trek envisioning tablets even before we had cell phones to SpaceX’s vision of roping passing asteroids into our orbit to

Honing Your Craft: The Anti-strategy Strategy

Mostly, the projects and learning interventions under my oversight are delegated to handpicked and highly talented teams of learning architects, instructional designers, and creative specialists. But there are a select few projects that I secretly hoard to myself. Yes, it

What Does the Transition to SaaS Mean for Training?

This past weekend, I had an interesting experience that has had me thinking about software, the Internet, and the world we now live in. Granted, given my line of work, these ponderings are not new to me, but my work

Webinar Q&A | Digital Learning Innovation Centers: Harnessing the Power of Disruption

We live in an age where change is so rapid that ongoing innovation is a requirement of an effective learning and development organization. Research has shown that learning organizations in general are perceived to be unresponsive and slow in identifying

Designing the Learning Mix That’s “Just Right”

When Goldilocks tasted Papa Bear’s oatmeal, she thought it was too hot. Then Mama Bear’s oatmeal was too cold. But Baby Bear’s was just right. And so on and so forth. However, what if Little Red Riding Hood had come over instead? Could the children’s

Designing Training with Precision

In the technical training world, outcomes-based training has been important before the term “outcomes” was cool. When hiring a new team member for the workforce, the goal is to get that person operating in their role as quickly and safely

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