Webinar Q&A – Design Thinking: Moving From Theory to Application to Business Results

You’ve probably heard about Design Thinking, whether you’ve read an article, watched a video, or even took an online course. But then what? How do you apply the principles and make an impact? How are companies actually applying Design Thinking

Five Items That Should Be on Your Change Management Checklist for 2019

As we approach the end of 2018, many of you are probably planning business transformations for the New Year. However, the loftier the goals, the more care needs to be given to the process in achieving them. Here are five

How the Cloud Can Improve Your Bottom Line

Is It Time for You to Move Your Business to the Cloud? We are now deep into the widespread movement of businesses migrating to the cloud to improve their operations. There are pros to keeping your business processes on an

Three Traits of Adaptable Leaders

“The most important factor in survival is neither intelligence nor strength but adaptability.” ~ Charles Darwin Change is inevitable. Leaders all over the world are facing constant change and complexity, including new cultures, new jobs, new markets, and new competition.

A First Review of SAP SuccessFactors Q4-2018 Release

While many people are preparing for the upcoming peak season in business & HR processes or trying to absorb the innovations announced by SAP at TechEd last week and at SuccessConnect just 4 weeks ago, we here at GP Strategies

Surveys: To Pulse… Or Not to Pulse…

I straddle the worlds of employee experience surveys, learning solutions, and performance improvement resources. No matter which “hat” I’m wearing on any day, I encounter clients who want to “do something innovative” or “become more digital.” I’m not alone. Chris

A Successful Takeoff and Landing at the 2018 GP Strategies Customer Forum

How do you effectively build a learning culture? Or reskill your workforce to work with evolving technologies? And what’s the best way to develop a content strategy? Manage your digital assets? Integrate digital learning into everyday workflow? These are the

The Learning Technologies Ecosphere: Creating a Sustainable Strategy

The Learning Technologies Ecosphere is a key part of the overall experience that we, as learning and development professionals, are trying to create for our learners. Historically, organizations have used one monolithic tool such as a learning management system, but

The GP Internship Experience: From the Lens of the Leader

The summer went so fast. It always does. As you may recall from a previous blog, I had the honor of launching a learning experience designer summer internship at GP Strategies. We envisioned a program that offered undergraduate students from

Evaluation Isn’t Hard When You Focus on Outcomes

People often say that evaluation of learning is difficult. It can be hard to measure the impact of training using business metrics. So why is evaluation difficult? One reason is because we accept the goals of the training because the

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