Five Things Learning Professionals Want

Hint: It’s the same five things every other worker wants. No one would argue that competitive compensation, good health insurance, opportunities for development, a sense of purpose, and a work-life balance are instrumental in keeping great employees and bringing in

Webinar Q&A | Augment This! Augmented Reality as Part of Your Learning Strategy

As learning professionals, we’re hearing about the realities more every day: virtual, augmented, and mixed. But what do we really need to know to make informed decisions on their use? Augmented reality (AR) is a content delivery method that not

Workplace Predilections: The Next Generation (Next Gen)

How do you refer to our youngest generation? Next Gen, Gen Z, iGen, Centennials, and Gen We are all monikers that have been proposed. As they emerge as a presence in the workplace, learning leaders must consider their preferences as

Decision Before Data

In my consulting career I find that more and more executives are relying on data versus intuition to make business decisions. This aligns well with my belief that at the end of the day, the sole purpose of data is

Webinar Q&A | Using Design Thinking for Designing Learning

Design is design no matter what you’re doing. When it comes to designing learning experiences, applying Design Thinking principles is a no-brainer. Design Thinking is all about getting in the end user’s shoes—the learner! So, why aren’t more learning professionals

Frequently Asked Questions around Flash Conversion: The time is now!

In July 2017, Adobe made the announcement that they will discontinue support for Flash in 2020. Subsequent to that announcement, major web browser producers Microsoft and Google announced that they will disable the Flash plugin by default in 2019. So,

How to Measure Informal Learning

We know the practices to measure formal learning, but what about measuring and evaluating informal learning? Formal learning is often sequential, linear, or compliance training delivered in the classroom, the virtual classroom or web-based eLearning. We use an LMS to

Accomplish Your Digital Resolutions in 2018

What digital resolutions are you hoping to accomplish in 2018? We recently asked learning leaders what was at the top of their list and followed up on each one with a blog post offering actionable advice on how to achieve

The Best Blogs of 2017

Did you blink and 2017 is over? I know I did, and now here we are at the end of another fantastic year. A year filled with new and converging technologies and an increasing need to create processes and strategies

What’s Your Secret Weapon for Supporting Multi-generational Needs in a Digital World?

Super user Soo’- per yoo’- zer noun Expert on a new process, typically in a workplace setting. “When our company’s digital transformation was happening, super users were the ones who answered questions from frustrated employees. Super users aren’t a substitute

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