I’m Dreaming of a Motivating Leader

I’m dreaming of a motivating manager just like the ones I used to know. During the holidays, does that motivating manager have to be a dream? A wistfulness for someone to emerge and provide the encouragement to help others do

Deck the Halls and the Secret to Engaging Learners

The holiday season is upon us, which also means the shopping season has begun. This is the time of year advertisers declare open season on consumers. From targeted social media ads online to the twinkling store retail displays, advertisers are

All I Want for the Holidays is Fun Compliance Training

I don’t want a lot for the holidays there is one thing I can’t stand. All those boring compliance trainings underneath my learning plan. I don’t need another policy or eSigning on the dotted line. It doesn’t mean I read

Software Updates Are Coming to Town: And You Should Probably Have a Training Maintenance Plan

They might come when you are sleeping, they might come when you’re awake, but software updates are most definitely coming to town. In the glory days of floppy disks and even CDs, software updates usually needed to be installed manually

When It Comes to Priorities, Less Is More

Our recent leadership research revealed that leaders of leaders need less in order to do more. At first glance, this stated desire for fewer priorities could look like a desire to shirk responsibilities. What it really signals is that leaders

The Sweet Spot for Learning Simulations

Last week I had an opportunity to consult with a colleague on a learning solution for a life sciences company. The company is implementing HCM software—a classic implementation challenge involving  a wide range of users and job tasks. Most users

Pause: The Power of Cultivating Space Between Words

“Human freedom involves our capacity to pause, … to choose the one response toward which we wish to throw our weight.” —Rollo May Knowing what words to use in any given situation is a common element of leadership, but the

Webinar Q&A – Design Thinking: Moving From Theory to Application to Business Results

You’ve probably heard about Design Thinking, whether you’ve read an article, watched a video, or even took an online course. But then what? How do you apply the principles and make an impact? How are companies actually applying Design Thinking

Five Items That Should Be on Your Change Management Checklist for 2019

As we approach the end of 2018, many of you are probably planning business transformations for the New Year. However, the loftier the goals, the more care needs to be given to the process in achieving them. Here are five

Is It Time to Move Your Business to the Cloud?

We are now deep into the widespread movement of businesses migrating to the cloud to improve their operations. There are pros to keeping your business processes on an on-premise platform, but more and more organizations are choosing the pros of

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