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Why a Continuous Training Program is Essential

Any professional can tell you it’s critical they keep up with the latest knowledge in their field or they risk falling behind in this competitive global economy. As the pace of technological development increase, job-specific technical training becomes particularly important.

People Analytics Strategy Brief: Building HR Business Partner Data Literacy

Are you getting started with People Analytics or looking to take your HR reporting and analytics capabilities to the next level? This is the second article in a series of People Analytics Strategy Briefs where I discuss People Analytics topics

The Future Is Ours: Pivot-Adjust-Engage

Digital disruption has been the buzzy term for the past few years, however, the first half of 2020 has forced that concept to become reality. Many businesses have embraced digital disruption overnight and have proven that they can shift and

Producers: A Role Critical to Virtual Learning Success

At some point in our careers we have all experienced a virtual session that has gone wrong.  You’re unable to log in, you send in chats that go unanswered and ignored, and the background noise of another participant is loud

Pride and Inclusion

In June 1999, President Bill Clinton proclaimed June as Gay and Lesbian Pride Month; 10 years later, President Barack Obama expanded the commemoration by declaring June as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month. And this month, the Supreme Court

Moving from Traditional Performance Management to Continuous Performance Management

Traditional Performance Management Process Since Continuous Performance Management (CPM) was introduced by SAP in SuccessFactors as part of the Performance and Goals Management (PMGM) license, it has slowly grown, both in functionality and usability. Initially, CPM was mostly seen as

Improve Hiring in SuccessFactors Employee Central

One of the main arguments for using or switching to SAP SuccessFactors is Employee Self-Service. It’s a great idea to let employees manage their own data so that it is up to date, which can be a strong selling point

Understanding the Relationship: Asset Management to Asset Performance Management

There are various schools of thoughts on what asset performance management (APM) is and how it relates to asset management (AM). ISO55000 defines asset management as systematic and coordinated activities and practices through which an organization optimally and sustainably manages

What’s Your Strategy for When the Sun Sets on SAP Payroll On-Prem?

SAP will retire their On-Premise support in a few years from now, a situation many SAP on-premise customers are dreading. Does the task of starting from scratch, implementing a new cloud payroll solution seem unachievable? Has your organization spent years

Attention: What Is Remote Work? Not This.

“I am working more hours now than I did before. I am exhausted. Remote work is exhausting; I honestly can’t wait to get back to the office.” This was the sentiment of my colleague last week. She’s not alone. The

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