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Facilitation Best Practices From Virtual Facilitators

We’re working and learning from home longer than expected. For many of us, our kids have returned to a very different type of classroom from last year, with at least some mixture of virtual. And at work, we’re leading meetings

5 Reasons Now is the Right Time to Revisit Your Listening Strategy

Ah, 2020. What can I say? It’s been quite a year. Australian wildfires, Kobe, the COVID-19 disease, the COVID-19 recession, RGB, movements for racial justice and the end to race-related violence. And it’s not over yet. We are currently in

Beginning Your Journey: Migrating from SAP On-Premise to Employee Central in the Cloud

As companies begin transitioning to the cloud, we are getting a lot of questions around how to migrate to Employee Central from on premise SAP system effectively. What are the key questions to address prior to making the leap to the cloud and what are the important considerations needed in the process? Throughout this blog, I will address these questions today in order to alleviate some of the mystery surrounding this process.

A Mission-Critical Approach to Planning to Expect the Unexpected

2020 has brought unprecedented business disruption in a remarkably short period of time. COVID’s complete shutdown of markets, social unrest, and disruptive cyber-attacks have left business leaders spinning. Looking ahead, we are facing a tsunami of real and possible events:

Digital Transformation: The Necessary Shift in Organizational Change Management

Traditional OCM becomes agile As enterprises mature on their digital transformation journey, they evolve from structured hierarchies to agile teams. This necessitates a move from traditional OCM to an approach that stands ready to face conflict and failure, which are

Gone in a Flash: Converting Outdated Technology Before 2020 Ends

Once a ubiquitous app for animation and interaction—and now considered a security risk—Adobe Flash will see its last day on December 31, 2020. In fact, many browsers have already disabled it, with HTML5 taking its place. Flash has been a

How Remote Monitoring Provided Easy Access to Data and Notification of Equipment Anomalies During the COVID Disruption

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve been asked the same questions many times – how have our Monitoring & Diagnostics (M&D) staff adapted to a work-at-home environment? How are we able to maintain our workload? What changes have we made? The

Organizational Change Management (OCM): Top 10 Aims for Success

Businesses and workers today are encountering an ever-increasing pace and demand for change. Advances in technology and other market pressures continue to force companies to face the prospect that they must transform or die. Given this environment, it sometimes surprises

Advice for Implementing SuccessFactors Onboarding 2.0 From a Professionally Certified Onboarding Expert

Nearly 3 years have elapsed since I wrote my last article on Onboarding 2.0: SuccessFactors: All aboard with ONB2018 – a simplified HR Onboarding experience! It covers solution capabilities and provides a comparison with the legacy version and the presumptive

The Future of Technical Learning is Changing

The technical learner of the future has a distinct advantage over those of the past: there are many, many more ways in which to absorb technical training. From chatbots to touchscreens to photorealistic and dimensionally immersive virtual reality simulations, the

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