Insurmountable: Turning challenges into capabilities

Face the insurmountable and win. Life will inevitably throw many challenges at you and some can certainly seem insurmountable. Whether those challenges are extreme or minor in nature, they provide the varying stimuli that allow us to grow both mentally

Technology Meets Natural Disasters

We have seen how technology has advanced drastically over the years in all areas of our lives—from how we communicate, to doing business and in reporting natural disasters. Less than 20 years ago, people would not have been able to

Are Your People, Processes, and Technology Aligned for the Digital Transformation?

According to Gartner, “by 2020, 75% of businesses will be a digital business or will be preparing to become one.” Is your business ready to compete in the digital world? In industrial companies, advanced data analytics and business intelligence are

Keeping Your Talent Engaged in a Time of Increased Scrutiny and Risk Aversion

Since the financial crisis of 2008, banks have, understandably, come under increased scrutiny and regulation. Unfortunately, ongoing scandals and charges of misconduct have continued to tarnish the industry as a whole. As a result, organizations have become more risk averse

Webinar Q&A | Creating Ripples of Positivity in the Workplace

Create the Ripple is a story of how little things really can make a difference. It has always been an ambition to complete a TEDx talk, to have an opportunity to share my thoughts and positivity with others. It makes me

Assessing Performance in the Age of Digital Transformation

The advent of digital transformation has changed how companies think about OPEX, especially in capital-intensive facilities, such as power plants, refineries, and manufacturing plants, where operations technology is converging with information technology. Companies can now leverage multiple sources of data

Centricity and Balance

Have you ever experienced an ear infection? It can be painful and cause dizziness when the center of balance is thrown off. Similarly, I am noticing balance issues between the various frameworks for organizational learning. L&D has to select carefully

Learning Analytics: Asking the Right Questions

In the first blog on learning analytics, I shared that learning analytics are the practices to prove and improve the impact of learning programs on outcomes. You want to show that your learning programs are making a difference. Now you

Ensuring That Mandatory Training is Successful

Consider the recent history of BP, Wells Fargo, or Volkswagen. Corporate scandal has forced governments, shareholders, business leaders, and employees to reconsider the economic model of the enterprise. Many assumptions regarding risk and short-term business results have been questioned and

The Digital Challenge

Perhaps the most discussed topic in the learning profession today is digital learning. We have seen the literature, and it is clear we have reached a tipping point in the way learning is delivered. The advent of modern learning content

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