Designing the Learning Mix That’s “Just Right”

When Goldilocks tasted Papa Bear’s oatmeal, she thought it was too hot. Then Mama Bear’s oatmeal was too cold. But Baby Bear’s was just right. And so on and so forth. However, what if Little Red Riding Hood had come over instead? Could the children’s

Designing Training with Precision

In the technical training world, outcomes-based training has been important before the term “outcomes” was cool. When hiring a new team member for the workforce, the goal is to get that person operating in their role as quickly and safely

Webinar Q&A | Freedom or Focus: The Curation Conundrum

In our digital world, the amount of content created is increasing by the minute. Learning leaders are now in the position of having to source enablement materials through multiple channels and curate, create, aggregate, moderate and rate the material in

Webinar Q&A | Transform the Learner Experience with Big Data

We all want to make an impact on business outcomes with our learning programs. In addition, we know there is big data within our reach. But how do we choose the right data? It starts with developing the right questions

Webinar Q&A | Can the “Plan”: How to Have Conversations Employees Really Want

The goal of establishing a “multiyear plan” for career is long gone. The question, “Where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years?” once seemed like a strong indicator of an employee’s goals or aspirations. But in a world

GP Strategies’ Partnership With National Aerospace Solutions

National Aerospace Solutions, LLC (NAS) is the team selected by the U.S. Air Force to conduct Test Operations & Sustainment (TOS) activities at the Arnold Engineering Development Complex (AEDC), Arnold Air Force Base, in Tullahoma, Tennessee. The AEDC has more

Corporate Attention Deficient Disorder (CADD): Finding Focus

In a world filled with so much that demands our attention coupled with even more distractions that pull our attention away, how do top performers cut through the clutter and find those vital few components that matter? Our research with

10 Myths About Content Curation

Although curation can be a powerful tool in establishing relevance, curation initiatives have failed to deliver on the promise because they can’t break past the myths. The following are the top 10 myths we have encountered in our content curation

Insurmountable: Turning challenges into capabilities

Face the insurmountable and win. Life will inevitably throw many challenges at you and some can certainly seem insurmountable. Whether those challenges are extreme or minor in nature, they provide the varying stimuli that allow us to grow both mentally

Technology Meets Natural Disasters

We have seen how technology has advanced drastically over the years in all areas of our lives—from how we communicate, to doing business and in reporting natural disasters. Less than 20 years ago, people would not have been able to

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