Wind power in the high mountains


Face today’s unprecedented industry challenges with confidence

In most parts of the globe, the generation mix between coal-fired facilities, combined cycle plants, nuclear facilities, and renewable energy sources is changing rapidly. From energy training programs and compliance training to asset performance technologies, digital transformation and process optimization, these changes motivate companies to look for smarter ways to maximize the return on investment (ROI) for generating assets while meeting production demands and environmental constraints. 

The pursuit of operational excellence through streamlined processes, workforce superiority, organizational effectiveness, regulatory compliance, and operational readiness continues, is prompting a need for technical training programs and optimized technologies. Across the entire energy spectrum, companies are also challenged by a shortage of leaders and skilled workers due to increased demand and a retiring workforce. In short, companies need targeted, cost-effective solutions to meet their performance objectives, workforce needs, and safety goals.

Engineers on a solar power plant participate in an energy industry training program

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As you navigate a complex, global landscape, GP Strategies can help you optimize the performance of your people, processes, technologies, equipment and facilities. We deliver the technical training programs, process solutions and technology innovations that provide sustainable ways to improve unit performance, decrease human error, lower operations and maintenance costs, and mitigate risk. We help you streamline processes and enable your workforce so you can focus on vision and strategy for the changes ahead. 

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