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In most parts of the globe, the power generation mix of coal-fired facilities, combined cycle plants, nuclear facilities, and renewable energy sources is changing rapidly. Necessary  energy or compliance training programs, asset performance technologies, digital transformation, process optimization, and geopolitical uncertainties all motivate companies to find smarter ways to maximize the return on investment (ROI) while meeting production demands and environmental constraints.

The pursuit of operational excellence through readiness, streamlined processes, workforce superiority, organizational effectiveness, and regulatory compliance demands optimized technologies and technical training. Across the entire energy spectrum, companies are also challenged by a shortage of leaders and skilled workers due to increased demand and a retiring workforce. Companies need targeted, revenue-optimized, and cost-effective solutions to achieve their performance objectives, workforce needs, and safety goals.

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As you navigate a complex, global landscape, GP Strategies can help you optimize the performance of your people, processes, technologies, equipment, and facilities. We deliver the technical training programs, process solutions, and technology innovations that provide sustainable ways to improve unit performance, decrease human error, lower operations and maintenance costs, and mitigate risk. We help you streamline processes and enable your workforce so you can focus on your vision and strategy for the changes ahead.

Case Studies

Technical Training to Power the AES Workforce

For AES, their mission is simple; to improve lives by accelerating a safer and greener energy future. From solar, wind, and natural gas, the power they generate lights millions of homes and businesses. With a company tag line of “We are the energy”, they recognize that their people are the energy that makes it all happen; from achieving operational excellence to meeting the world’s changing power needs. Therefore, ensuring that their staff were fully trained and competent in all aspects of their job was critical.

Improving Sales Training Digitally at Propane Education & Research Council

In recent years, more and more participants of the classroom-based Marketer Technology and Sales Training (MTST) program have requested digital learning to supplement their experience and to expand learning beyond the classroom.

Optimizing the Workforce to Support Solar Power: Plant Launch Success

Solar power has become one of the world’s fastest growing energy industries over the last decade. In fact, twothirds of the entire world’s solar photovoltaic (PV) capacity was installed after 2011, meaning that the industry may just be beginning to reach its potential. Commercial solar plants did not begin to appear until the mid-2000s, but they quickly became an emergent form of power generation due to solar energy’s positive environmental impact and low operating costs. As the energy landscape changes, it takes a versatile company like GP Strategies to alter its training strategies to account for evolving industries and new technologies.

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