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Managed Learning Services

Cost-efficient, expert delivery of outsourced training services.

Optimize Budgets and Learner Experiences

When we talk with chief learning officers, they seek actionable answers on maximizing performance and return on investment for learning administration, training delivery, and technology. After years of workplace transformation and economic disruptions, many organizations are challenged by eroded in-house learning resources. If the explosion in artificial intelligence isn’t an immediate cure-all, what are the right moves to make now in learning and development (L&D)—and how should training outsourcing factor in?

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As one of the world’s leading managed learning services outsourcing partners, we have the resources to scale, upskill, and reskill your teams and to implement cost-effective learning programs. With outsourced training and development services, we amplify and become an extension of your team to deliver innovative and consistent training outcomes, all while managing your budget and enhancing the learner experience across your organization.


Disruption presents immense opportunities for leading-edge organizations to respond creatively to change and uncertainty. The agile response to changes in the marketplace includes a well-prepared workforce armed with relevant, effectively delivered skill-based learning. Our comprehensive managed learning services provide best-in-class solutions to structure and optimize your L&D efforts on a global scale, from outsourcing delivery to learning event management.

Our Managed Learning Services

Managed learning and outsourced training can take many forms. Most importantly, each solution in our suite of managed learning services can be tailored to a form that meets your organization’s learning needs and budget.

  • Learning Administration

    In today’s high-velocity and high-expectation learning management system (LMS) environment, it is practically impossible for individual organizations to have the vast cross-discipline resources and multi-scenario know-how needed to optimize learner experiences.
  • Professional Services

    With decades of unmatched experience, our managed professional services team is one of most trusted staffing providers in the world. We have the strong capability to responsively provide top-tier talent and proactively deliver the performance quality assurance you can count on.
  • Technology Administration & Support

    The big question today is: how do you optimize your learning technologies budget to get the most functionality and capabilities for the best cost? You also need to know which technologies are the right strategic and operational fit for your organization, which have the long-term, cost-efficient footprint you want, and which will grow obsolete too soon for ROI.
  • Training Delivery Management

    Successful learning and development professionals know that how learner experiences are delivered is just as important as the included content, maybe more. But, for many organizations, today’s learning delivery resources are either limited or have been eliminated. How do you deliver learning successfully when your delivery teams are reduced or no longer exist?

I have nothing but positives to say about this. I was hesitant with us putting the ownership on the learner but having seen how this has landed and with the extra time I have been given to support each individual, it’s been brilliant!

  • Learning Analytics & Insights

    Success in proving the effectiveness of learning has been elusive for many organizations. Today, leading competitors in every industry are successfully answering vital workforce learning and development questions using the vast datasets and powerful new tools now available. Our managed learning services experts deliver the learning analytics and insights you need to make the best decisions and power transformation. 
  • Content Design & Development

    We design, develop, and deliver learning experiences, custom blended curriculums, courseware, certification programs, and assessment criteria designed to support your people and their learning objectives. Our flexible approach includes shifting from live events to more blended solutions, improving the experience and effectiveness of eLearning, and integrating a more interactive and visual approach to content design and development.
  • Event Management

    Our event management team is a full-service outsourcing resource. With our local on-site operations worldwide, we provide full support for simultaneous in-person and virtual/hybrid events, delivering richer and more engaging experiences for all, and making great events even better.

Case Studies

A Dynamic Learning Transformation Re-Energizes and Modernizes Onboarding

HSBC wanted to provide a way for individual learners to control the pace of their learning. They recognized that providing new employees flexibility and autonomy over their learning experience would result in higher engagement and a sense of empowerment, which would help the business meet its strategic goals.

A Partner to Learning Transformation

A leading aerospace industry company realized their learning transformation efforts could use a helping hand in order to fulfill their vision of becoming a more modern company with a global footprint, an improved learning experience, more speed and agility, and true business alignment.

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Our suite of offerings include:

  • Consulting Services | Aligning vision and strategy to deliver integrated and systemic business results to drive growth and change through people.
  • Learning Services | Modern learning strategies, content, experiences, and delivery approaches that optimize workforce performance.
  • Technologies | An ecosystem of learning and talent tools, systems, platforms, and expertise that enable learning and talent transformation.


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