Immersive and XR Learning Solutions

Explore new dimensions in learning with immersive VR and AR technologies.

Unlock New Realities with XR Technologies

Extended reality (XR) technologies are powerful tools that enable new environments and new relationships with learning content, promoting active learning, engagement, retention, collaboration, critical thinking, and skill acquisition. Our team of experts help you explore how to make the most of these cutting-edge immersive technologies for training and learning.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) offers a fully immersive experience, allowing learners to explore and interact within simulated environments, enabling risk-free practice, exploration, and decision making. This innovative medium is perfect for developing hard and soft skills and delivering immersive virtual events.  

Our VR-based learning scenarios help your learners navigate a variety of training needs, including: 

  • Hazardous Environments | Dive into risk-free simulations for mastering high-stakes skills and cutting-edge technologies.
  • Difficult Situations | Provide a stress-free platform to hone communication skills and navigate challenging situations.
  • Training Simulations | Explore intricate equipment and processes in a virtual environment, saving time and resources.
  • Group Collaboration | Break physical barriers to foster teamwork and problem-solving in realistic scenarios.
  • Product Knowledge Dissemination| Deliver product insights in a captivating digital format to empower sales teams and clients alike.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) enhances real-world environments by overlaying digital information, like 3D models, images, or text, providing additional information at the point of need 

AR training is perfect for: 

  • Onboarding | Facilitate instant support and locate specific information for new team members. 
  • Hard skills training | Provide new-to-role employees with detailed, on-the-job resources. 
  • Technical and trade skills training | Enhance job performance with critical reinforcement tools for employees. 
  • Performance support | Allow team members to collaborate with live expert support from a remote location and in the flow of work. 

Immersive 360 Video

360-degree videos, also known as immersive or spherical videos, place learners in the center of a cinematic experience. Created using animation or cameras to capture the environment from every direction, 360 video is different from digitally recreated VR and is often more cost-effective.

Our in-house team designs high-definition 360 videos that place your learners at the heart of dynamic learning environments to bring real-world settings to life. Our dedicated experts ensure every video is tailored to meet your learning objectives, guaranteeing your audience an engaging and impactful experience.

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