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Develop Scenarios Quickly with AI-Powered Tools

Any instructional designer who has wanted to use scenarios to make learning more relevant, impactful, and engaging has experienced the blank “page” of writer’s block or the reliance on subject-matter experts to provide them. Times have changed thanks to AI-powered tools. I used the following prompt across several tools: write a scenario of a couple entering a bank in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, seeking a home loan.

Here are five AI-powered tools that I highly recommend for the purpose of writing scenarios.

  • Copysmith‘s freeform editor generated a 149-word scenario in which Bob and Lisa explain to the teller that they want to start the process for a home loan. The short narrative was high level but did mention things common to loans such as required documentation and fees. Try it free for seven days.
  • Claude-instant generated a rather creative and conversational scenario between our couple, Tom and Jenny, a teller, and Emily, the loan officer, that ended with the couple heading into Emily’s office. Try it free on Poe.com.
  • A big step up from Claude-instant is Claude, available free for limited use through Poe.com. The conversational and descriptive, yet concise, scenario Claude generated included perceptive feelings that our couple, Jake and Emily, were experiencing: “They were nervous but excited.” The scenario also included details such as being preapproved for up to $250,000, and specific examples of required documents including bank statements, W-2s, and tax returns.
  • Jasper’s first attempt at the scenario included an end-to-end narrative of John and Sarah’s experience from walking to the bank through their feelings of relief upon hearing they had been approved a few weeks later. When prompted to revise with dialogue, the scenario included realistic conversational exchanges. Try it free for five days.
  • ChatGPT+ from OpenAI provided the most extensive first draft scenario with a title, character descriptions, and three scenes. Written like a script, the detail in descriptions, feelings, and financial substance were impressive. Try the basic version of ChatGPT for free, or upgrade to ChapGPT+ for $20/month.

I was surprised the same prompt generated significant variety across the five tools. Each of them will help you create a solid starting point for scenarios you will easily be able to customize with more relevant details. Experiment and have fun!

AI is picking up speed, so stay tuned as OpenAI’s ChatGPT continues to evolve, and look for Microsoft to set a release date for Copilot, which will be embedded into Microsoft 360 apps, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Teams.

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Peggy Durbin
Sr. Learning Consultant
Peggy Durbin is a Sr. Learning Consultant on the Innovation Research and Development team at GP Strategies. For 30 years, Peggy has been involved in many aspects of performance consulting: conducting Design Thinking workshops, developing Learner Experience playbooks, and formulating measurement strategies. Her passion for learner-centric design and innovative consulting strategies and technologies is reflected in numerous successful client engagements across many industries. 

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