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The Power of Games to Motivate Learning

Gamification is a term we use in digital learning to describe the application of techniques and tactics commonly associated with games, such as health meters, badges, and leaderboards. eLearning gamification can give your learners a strong sense of motivation, achievement, and a clear vision of progress.

Choosing the Right Gamification Strategies for Your Learners

There are a range of gaming conventions that can be used, but typically, a gamified approach can involve the following:

  • Badges, achievements, tokens, or awards
  • Point scoring systems (based on time to complete, for example)
  • Levels
  • Health meters
  • Multiplayer engagement, such as global leaderboards

Is Gamification Right for Your eLearning Course?

Gamification in eLearning is the right approach if it will support your training goals and your audience. Put your learners in the driver’s seat with learning simulations and scenarios.

Gamification can be useful if:

The learning would be amplified by harnessing healthy competition between teams. VR, AR, and 360° immersive video can offer a whole new way to connect with your learners and deliver powerful learning.

The learning needs to be sustained over a period of time rather than as a one-off course. In this instance, awarding points or badges for repeated logins can bring genuine meaning to the experience.

The learning needs to be exploratory and reflective, so a more complex scoring system and engagement technique are both necessary.

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