The quiz-based learning app.

Genius is an intuitive quiz-based consumer-grade experience that engages your learners by introducing competition, recognition, and intrinsic motivation. With six quick-fire questions at a time, players go head-to-head with their coworkers. A framework that can be customized to your organization’s needs and branding, Genius delivers insights through rich analytics dashboards, and is easy to connect to your secure existing learning systems.

Genius celebrates employee recognition, both as individuals and teams, and measures employee knowledge across regions, so you’ll always know just who knows what, enabling you to direct your L&D spend more effectively. Discover more about this exciting employee engagement experience which delivers highly engaging bite-sized microlearning to align with your organization’s learning and development goals.

Genius is a key part of our training strategy in that it enables us to embed and increase levels of knowledge in our retail network in a really nimble, fun way. Microlearning at its best!

Global Automotive Client, L&D Lead

Sparks curiosity. Ignites learning.

Genius delivers consumer-grade learning on a mobile. It’s engagement software lets learners compete and connect with their coworkers as they climb the leaderboard, win prizes, and gain the recognition they deserve as they improve. It takes just a few minutes a day for learners to keep their knowledge topped up.

Microlearning with Global Competition

With the ability to deliver all kinds of remedial learning to achieve expected competencies, Genius increases participation through friendly head-to-head competition across your entire organization, whether that’s local or global, and has the agility to be customized to particular groups.

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