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Measuring the business impact of learning.

Insights Power the Best Decision-Making

Success in measuring and proving the effectiveness and impact of learning has been elusive for many organizations, and it is often not a core competency during challenging times. Many don’t know where to begin with the measurement of learning. However, today, leading competitors in every industry are successfully answering vital workforce learning and development questions using the vast datasets and powerful new tools now available.

Urgent questions and challenges—about workforce shortages, recruiting and onboarding, retention and turnover, skill gaps and upskilling—can all now be researched and resolved by insightful learning analytics solutions. To know if your learning and development strategies and initiatives are having a positive business impact, you need to gather data, derive analytics, and understand what those results tell you.

Our world-leading learning impact measurement and analytics experts can help you discover where your strengths and weaknesses are and help you gain deeper insights on where and how to improve your learning initiatives.

Learning Analytics Power Transformation

Forward-looking companies use learning metrics and analytics to evaluate the costs and benefits of learning and reveal insights. Measuring the business impact of learning is required for:

  • Knowing if and how your learning is working.
  • Reporting and measuring training effectiveness.
  • Providing a basis for decision-making and continuous improvement for learning transformation.
  • Collecting data—the foundation of your future learning design and strategy.

The Measurement Academy: The Process

Most organizations want to measure learning impact, but fewer than 16% are able to do it effectively. With our Measurement Academy and Measurement In Mind workshops, your team will learn about our award-winning business impact measurement process used by global Fortune 500 companies and others.

Our Academy and workshops engage the full range of measurement strategy to technologies and systems and are tailored according to your organization’s priorities and needs. Our capability workshops will give your learning professionals the skills, knowledge, and competencies they need to engage your learners and drive your business forward.

The application and practice portions of this training were invaluable! It’s one thing to understand a concept, but quite another to create and then ultimately read the logic of the measurement map.

Measurement Academy Participant

Data Collected: Questions Answered

Our learning analytics reveal the realities about how your learning programs are actually performing compared to your expectations. They answer the hard questions every organization must address:

  • Do our learning objectives align with business goals?
  • Are we achieving those objectives? If not, why?
  • What tangible impact does our learning program have and why?
  • How much did we save, and gain, in efficiency, productivity, and profit?
  • How can we improve our learning programs?

Data-Enabled, Insight-Driven Performance

Effective learning insights depend on how you collect data. We use a range of learning development and analytics tools to capture the data needed to accurately assess current performance and create strategies for improvement:

Assessments and needs analyses.

Surveys and interviewing services and systems.

Analysis and dashboards for tracking, visualization, and reporting.

Measurement maps and business outcomes alignment.

Impact studies.

“Voice of the customer”’ surveys.

Make informed decisions about your learning programs with our corporate learning analytics services and support.

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