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The Measurement Academy

Most organizations want to measure the impact of their learning and development (L&D) efforts, but fewer than 16 percent are able to effectively do it. Participants in the GP Strategies Measurement Academy learn the award-winning business impact measurement process we use with Fortune Global 500 companies.

Measure for Impact: Credibly demonstrate the results of your L&D investments.

This course takes you on a four-week skill-building learning journey, providing you with a repeatable process for measurement strategy and execution.

You’ll learn to:

  • Connect your L&D programs to real business outcomes
  • Conduct business alignment and performance consulting sessions
  • Create a detailed Measurement Map®
measure for impact

Participant Testimonials

“I’m really looking forward to trying this on real projects. It will be a game changer for us.” – Amy Graft, Lead, Global Learning North America (Siemens)

“Demonstrating impact is something that learning has been attempting to demystify for years and it is refreshing that there is a solution that is easily explainable, and with practice can get less challenging to implement. I’m looking forward to applying measurement maps to justify learning and business initiatives going forward.” – Academy participant

“I enjoyed the learning journey. The way we progressed through the learn, practice, and analyze phases was amazing.” – Academy participant

“The Business Case Study was a great way to experience and practice how to develop a measurement map. Working with a team mate was also very beneficial as it generated great discussions and prompted lots of questions.” – Academy participant

“The application and practice portions of this training were invaluable! It’s one thing to understand a concept, but quite another to create and then ultimately read the logic of the measurement map.”  – Academy participant

“Wonderful training and very engaging. Working with my team member made it even more enjoyable. We practiced, and we argued and in the process, we learned that measurement mapping is the best way to tell a story the right way.” – Academy participant

The Measure for Impact learning journey

About the Measurement Academy learning experience

Our measurement curriculum is designed as a high-touch, high-tech blended learning journey. The experience is spaced, collaborative, and personalized to learn and practice concepts over time in a dynamic and social environment.

Compelling content is delivered in multiple modalities including:

  • Videos
  • Articles
  • Assessments
  • Case studies
  • Live coaching sessions

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