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NEW: ContentFlex!

GP Strategies announces the launch of ContentFlex, our new approach to deliver leadership development and DEI training. We have bundled our award-winning Leadership Development and DEI courses into easily consumable packages for organizations looking to address critical leadership and diversity training needs.

Leaders Create Your Advantage

Effective leaders know the secret to their success is a combination of discipline, preparation, and opportunity. Forward-looking organizations realize they can leverage opportunities by focusing on preparation—with robust leadership development training programs—to propel their leaders ahead of their competition. 

Today’s leaders require subject-matter expertise and proficiencies in listening, empathy, thinking, assessment, evaluation, collaboration, inspiration, strategy-to-execution vision, and (perhaps most importantly) communication. These essentials must be distilled and delivered into operationally practical programs — something our leadership development services take to heart.. 

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Lead with Intention and Proficiency

As one of the world’s leading leadership development services companies, we’ve built a wide range of processes and solutions for your learning needs. In the world of organization leadership development services and strategies, we’re an essential guide, provider, and trusted resource for our clients.

Our Leadership Development Solutions

No matter the current state or your skills development pipeline, our suite of leadership development solutions can be tailored to suit your organization’s needs—and those of its future difference-makers.

  • Digital Leadership Suite

    Our Digital Leadership Suite is carefully designed to develop effective leaders at all levels of your organization. Between our three offerings—Leadership Essentials, Leadership Evolution, and Leadership Acceleration—your newest to most senior leaders will develop the skill sets needed to drive high performance in your organization.
  • Career Development

    When organizations invest in career development, they demonstrate a long-term commitment that benefits the workforce and the business. Our research shows that helping employees craft career growth plans boosts retention and engagement levels by ensuring their jobs include meaningful and interesting work.
  • Coaching

    The work people do and how they work is changing. Leaders need to be ahead of this transformation, to guide and curate it to optimize performance. Global organizations need to train and develop wonderfully diverse workforces that include employees with different attitudes and expectations about work.
  • Employee Engagement

    Employee engagement strategies are popular and powerful simply because they are effective and successful at retaining high-performers. When your workforce doesn’t feel connected to your organization or its vision, their performance suffers, turnover rates climb, and people often disengage from your values, goals and strategies.
  • Leadership Consulting

    In times of volatile markets, fierce competition, and workforce disruption, effective, clear-eyed leadership is more important than ever.
  • Leadership Programs

    Perhaps the greatest challenge for today’s workforce is the expectation for better leadership and leaders. At all levels, organizations need leaders who can inspire people and build inclusive, high-performing teams.

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Case Studies

A Custom, Multimodal and Digital Enabled Leadership Development Program

GP Strategies created a tailored version of their Leadership Essentials program based on Transamerica’s People Manager Philosophy, a set of fundamental principles, that defines what it means to be a good manager.

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